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Don't Vote!

anarchist | 20.04.2006 15:00 | Mayday 2006 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

A call for a don't vote campaign for the May Day period.

At the last general election, there was a high profile campaign to vote in candidates opposed to the war/police state agenda. While not a permanent solution, if successful it could have been a useful stopgap. The organisers of the campaign felt that it was the last chance to throw an electoral spanner in the NWO works...

Now, my feeling is that a concerted anti-voting campaign is needed, beginning with the forthcoming local elections.
This then is a call for action: take down electoral poster.

Put up posters calling for direct democracy. Against town councils, for street assemblies!

Let's aim for 0% turnout by the next general election.

As for the BNP, remember the BNP will betray the workers just as any political party will. A no vote is still a vote against them. If we can persuade people not to vote BNP great; but if the vote Tory or Labour instead, it's only a partial victory? If we can persude potential BNP voters not to vote at all, that's still a result against the BNP.

No vote is no apathy.

If anyone feels like organising something like this in the West Midlands, please get in touch via the email provided.

And bring your Anti-vote banners, slogans and literature on Mayday!

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