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Manchester Mayday weekend: anti-nuclear demo

bart simpson | 18.04.2006 12:26 | Mayday 2006 | Sheffield

Commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl and join our opposition to a new nuclear generation.
Meet at The Basement, 24 Lever St, 11.45am Sat. 29th April WEAR BLACK. Procession arrives at Cross St Chapel 12.45pm

20 years ago, Chernobyl proved just how dangerous nuclear power can be: the effects are still being felt by local populations. Now the UK government looks set to approve new nuclear power stations despite widespread concern. The nuclear industry, which stands to make huge profits from renewed investment in nuclear energy, claims that nuclear is necessary both to meet increased demand, and to reduce carbon emissions.

From a Smash Dalton Flyer:

The Dalton Institute is a new research centre at Manchester Uni. It carries out research into decommissioning but also into new reactor technology.

Dalton director Richard Clegg has worked in the nuclear industry for over twenty years:
1.“Nuclear power will play a significant role in addressing the needs of future energy production.”
2.“The Institute is establishing a new Reactor Technology Centre to support current and future UK nuclear generating plant activity.”
3.“Dalton will provide the nuclear industry with a rich source of highly-trained graduates.”

The Dalton Institute cannot and will not provide independent research. Its links with industry (in terms of funding, staff and aims) are too strong. This has already influenced its decision: the world needs more nuclear energy.
The Dalton Institute will do one thing: join in the multi-million pound gamble with our environment dictated by gigantic corporations and the powerful pro-nuclear lobby.

The anti-nuclear demo is part of Manchester Mayday weekend events. Find out more about manchester mayday here:

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