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Hungerstrike update

noborders | 17.04.2006 21:33 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Migration

Detanees on hunger strike in Colnbrook and Haslar immigration detention centres (prisons for migrants).

About 25 detainees in Haslar have staged a peaceful protest in the courtyard early this afernoon and are still there, refusing to re-enter the building.

6 Home Office representatives have meet with the detanees on hunger strike in Colnbrok early this afternoon, and are going to meet the detainees on hunger strike at Haslar tomorrow. The Home Office mantains there is no connection between the hunger strike in Colnbrook and the one in Haslar.

In the meantime news are circulating that the hunger strike have spread to Tinsley House as well.

2 detanees in Colnbrok have been put in solitary comfinement in the short term unit since the end or last week: not only they have been prevented from association but also from receiving vists and phone calls. Their friends and supporters are becoming increasingly concerned.




18.04.2006 19:04

It was one Home Office representative who met 6 detanees.