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Immigration Policy: Send Us Your Poor, They Will Wind Up in Iraq

D. Burbeck | 17.04.2006 19:42 | Health

They are coming by the millions from all
over the world. Let them come here. Let
them find that there are not enough jobs.
They will find the military to be the last
resort when their welfare is cut off. And
let them acquire Gulf War Syndrom
(radiation sickness from uranium
munitions).! It works just fine in the
minds of the neo-cons.

"Of the 580,400 soldiers who served in Gulf War I, where only 148 died in
combat....Gulf Era veterans” on medical disability since 1991 number
518,739. Bernklau said, “The long-term effects have revealed that
(uranium munitions) is a virtual death sentence.”" (1)

While living in LA, I was astounded by the huge numbers of latinos in the
area. There are far more than the official figures. I couldn't understand why
the state and federal gov't allow this massive migration to take place. Well,
you know by now that if big business wants anything from the gov't, they
get it, right?. The California economy is BOOMING. In fact, the
economy of the state of California has surpassed France and become
the sixth largest economy in the world.

A major reason for this is the huge influx of illegal aliens who, if they have
children, can receive up to $2,700 per month in welfare. A friend of mine
who owns a mexican grocery store and cashes the checks of the (unemployed)
latinos told me of the state welfare, food stamps, WICK program, and
rent subsidies that are handed out to these people without a question
asked. They, in turn, all buy gas, food, clothes, what have you, and as a
consequence the economy is (falsely) booming. Business people are
very pleased and are not likely to change things. The neo-cons are not
concerned about where the money comes from, as long as it ends up in
their bank accounts.

California Legislators are under pressure from taxpayers to put a limit of two
years on the time these giveaways last per family, but it has been voted down
and to my knowledge, has not been implimented at this time.

I hear the neo-cons explain that these people are taking jobs that Americans
don't want, and we need this cheap labor or prices will rise. That is total bunk!
That's another neo-con spin! There aren't enough jobs for the millions that came
here in the last century, and there is no large increase in farmland that could
possibly handle the millions that still stream across the border.

No, the real reason that the neo-cons want them hear is not so our prices
don't rise. There is one very good reason they don't wish to stop them
and it's the same reason that drives most of their decisions...........greed!
And if the immigrants and their children finally resort to the military to keep
food on the table, well that's unfortunate for them. The neo-cons, I'm sure,
cry all the way to the bank over it.

1) Marylin Gayle Hoff, "Blowing Smoke"

D. Burbeck


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what's a lot of...

18.04.2006 19:08

I agree to have no censorship in indymedia, but is there any limit to the level of nonsense one can publish?