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Haslar detainees on hungerstrike

Chiara | 15.04.2006 22:49 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Migration | Social Struggles

More than 80 detainees in Haslar immigration detention centre have refused dinner this evening in protest againts arbitrary detention, in solidariety with the detainees in Colnbrook. They are also protesting about the conditions in the centre.
People of all nationalities have joined the hungerstrike in all wings.

The hungerstrike seems to be spreading - it is the biggest hungerstrike
ever in the UK immigration centres. In the meantime the Home Office contiunes to deny that there are more than 4 detainees on hungerstrike all together. According to our friends inside is more than 100 in Colnbrook and more than 80 in Haslar, beginning this evening.
The hungerstrike in Colnbrook began a week ago, ignated by the repression in the centre during the protest organised by NoBorders and London Against Detention - the detianees were denied to go to the exercise yard and even near the windows.




16.04.2006 18:55

Apparently the Home Office has recognised that 125 people out of 130 have refused food from Thursday. Have a look out in the Guardian tommorrow (monday) for more news.

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