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Crest Nicholson Evicted Houseboat Family Good Friday Open Letter of Appeal

The Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice | 14.04.2006 14:45 | Education | Health | Social Struggles | World

So it 'comes to pass' that people change places and the companies change owners and names, but the fruits of their work continues. The Shalom Family evicted by Crest from their own Home, issues a second, Good Friday Open Appeal, to Crest Nicholson Directors. It's reproduced here.

14th April 2006

Directors of the Board of Crest Nicholson Plc
Mr. John W. Matthews
Mr. Stephen Stone
Mr. Paul Callcutt
Mr. Peter Darby
Mr. Stephen Lidgate
Mr. Richard Scholes
Mr. Lloyd Wigglesworth

C/o Mr. John Matthews
Crest Nicholson Plc
Crest House
Thames Street Weybridge

Sent via Fax 01932 829141
E-mailed to

Dear Mr. Matthews & Fellow Directors,

Crest Nicholson PLC/ Resignation of Mr. John Callcutt

The Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice

Good Friday ‘Open’ Appeal 2006

With reference to the above it has come to our attention that Mr. John Callcutt, formerly Deputy Chair of Crest Plc, has left your organisation. We understand that he leaves to take a new post as Chief Executive Officer with English Partnerships.

As you will be aware, Mr. Callcutt was also, formerly employed, as Chief Executive Officer, “solely responsible for enforcing health and safety in the Crest Group”. This was particularly so, at the time that one of your organisations’ subsidiary companies caused a night time grounding and toppling accident to our Home when we were ‘expecting’ another child.

You may be aware that the documented record shows that this ‘accident’, and other issues, mostly regarding your organisations’ concerns of the visual aesthetics of our home, have been the central theme of difficulties with your past employees.

We are aware that Mr. Callcutt is the last of three of your organisation’s former employees who were directly involved in this nightmare experience for our Family, which for the benefit of doubt, continues to this day.

You will be aware that Mr. Simon Haigh, former Operations Director of Crest Nicholson Marinas Limited, has since formed a new partnership company. This is as a result of a ‘management buyout’ from your organisation and is thus established as ‘Quay Marinas Limited’.

We understand that Mr. Gareth Stephens, former marina manager at Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay (Crest Nicholson Marinas Limited) has since joined British Waterways, a ‘link- partner’ with English Partnerships, as ‘Business Manager for Boating in London’.

As part of our legitimate efforts in our Family Campaign for Social Justice from your organisation, we will continue to raise our concerns with your organisations’ institutional investors, and others where deemed appropriate, but in all honesty, as the record already shows, we would prefer to be raising our concerns with you.

In view of the above and changing circumstances, we are most concerned that the Board of Directors of Crest Nicholson Plc has the advantage of witnessing the full file and account of our dealings with former Crest Nicholson Employees.

Above all Gentlemen, we again kindly ask that you please reconsider the matters of the record between your organisation and us. Please reconsider our Good Friday appeal of 2005, and again we kindly implore you and your organisation to end this nightmare experience for our Family.

Please truly ‘help’ us Crest Nicholson. Please do the right thing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Shalom
Marie Louise Shalom

Formerly of the Houseboat M V Picton Penarth Marina Wales
(A perfectly safe and satisfactory Houseboat Home of 14 years.)

The Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice
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