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Drummin' up da fences at Harmondsworth

Free Roaming | 09.04.2006 12:41 | April 2006 No Borders Days of Action | Migration | London

Activists drum on the fences of Colnbrook in solidarity with detainees inside, whilst aggressive police throw their weight around.

Several small groups of activists arrived at the detention centre at around 12.30 and approached Colnbrook from the rear, walking around the outer fence. Detainees inside could be seen waving and the sound of banging could be heard. Activists paused to blow whistles and bang pots & pans in support.

Police arrived in increasing number manhandling and shoving people. First demanding that everyone keep moving along the footpath, then forming lines to keep people in place. A few people went over a small wooden fence to bang on the huge metal fence. Police pulled people away from the fence with increasing force.

A choir with brass section had arrived adding to the cacophony. Activists moved off along the perimeter of the fence, banging and bashing against the metal as police pushed, shoved and knocked them the full length of the footpath and onto the road. As some officers lost their cool, more arrived and were able to construct a poorly organised 'bubble' which activists stumbled into.

Free Roaming


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  1. God Bless you all — John Turkson