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No M1 widening visit Kegworth

Nottingham No M1 Widening | 09.04.2006 10:06 | Ecology | Globalisation | Health

the no widening M1 campaign was taken to Kegworth to counteract the highways agency exhibition.

Campaign members went out to Kegworth to explain to people why we think the M1 should not be widened. We spoke with people who were going in to the highways agency exhibition about the M1 widening. Response from the public at this one was mixed, some agreed with us some didn't.

When we pointed out the consequences of climate change and the effects it is already having on people and the planet around the world to those that didn't agree with us most of them replied that they didn't care because it wouldn't affect them.

It was also pointed to people that the Highway's Agency own data in their leaflets shows that without widening traffic is forecast to increase by 27%, with widening the figures show that traffic will be dramatically increased, up 42% on current levels. No where in the literature does it say what would happen if they made decent investments in public transport.

The highways agency staff were very polite to us and even brought us hot drinks out to help us stay warm, they did draw the line when we asked if we could put our leaflets on the tables inside.

Nottingham No M1 Widening
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