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May Day Minus One

Pat | 04.04.2006 22:34 | Mayday 2006 | Culture | Ecology | Education

Social gathering at Sumac Centre, with informal stalls, light entertainment and food by Veggies from 4pm.
(Sumac Cafe also open 11am - 3pm).

Films and live music from 7pm, with Sumac bar open until 10.30.

Info & stalls invited on the theme of action on climate change, as well as ranging associated issues for peace, cooperation and social justice.

If you are interested in getting involved, with entertainment, stalls, presentations or in any other way, please call Ian on 0115 924 5785 or email

If you can help with the Sumac/Veggies side of things, eg setting up facilities, volunteering at the bar, preparing/donating (vegan) food, clearing afterwards etc, please call Pat on 0845 458 9595 or email

Veggies will provide a free buffet, inviting donations for Vegfam: Vegfam is a vegan charity which provides relief to victims of drought, flood, war and other emergencies. Vegfam promotes the advantages of a vegan diet and lifestyle for feeding the world in an environmentally friendly way.

See also Scroat Cinema Climate Change Special on Wednesday 26th April. Details at Scroat Cinema Website.

A County Climate Change Network called '*Outlook Nottinghamshire'*, to be launched by Friends of the Earth, with other relevant organisations and groups, shortly before this event.
Details from Callie Lister:

Camp For Climate Action is an action and educational based camp happening in the north of England this summer that hopes to act as a focus and a catalyst for grassroots action on climate change.
For more information: Climate Camp - Nottingham Group, email

Other local groups and campaigns related to Climate Change include:Critical Mass :

Friends of the Earth :

Greenpeace :

Movement for Compassionate Living :

No M1 Widening :

Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL] :

Nottingham Dissent :

Nottinghamshire Transport 2000 :

Pedals : send details of other groups that should be included here. Email

Search for Climate Change items on Nottm Indymedia

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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