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Reid Wants To Scrap International Law

BBC (Retort by me) | 04.04.2006 20:56 | Repression | World

Just as a car thief would like to make stealing cars legal, this War Criminal, with intentions for Perpetual Aggression, wants to scrap all international laws pertaining to Acts of Premeditated Aggression and Illegal Detainment/Torture.

But since he violated the laws before he could change them, the man is still a War Criminal. Becoming what you claim to fear in the name of "democracy" ...

Reid urges rules of war 'rethink'

Defence Secretary John Reid, War Criminal
Mr Reid said the 20th century rules needed reassessing

The defence secretary has called for sweeping changes to international rules of war to counter global terrorism.

(aka: To enable his criminal Regime, with many planned Aggressions left on their agenda, to avoid the repurcussions of their actions.)

John Reid warned the world was facing a threat from groups unconstrained by any sense of morality or convention.

(So we should destroy the law to enable those, like him, who are unconstrained by any sense of morality or convention, to carry out their planned Perpetual War.)

"We risk trying to fight a 21st century conflict with 20th century rules," he said in a speech to the Royal United Services Institute.

(Who's "we"? "We" risk fighting "your" conflict. You certainly won't. Don't act as if this conflict is the fault of anyone else but your own.)

He warned legal grounds for mounting pre-emptive strikes or intervening to stop genocide were no longer adequate.

(Perhaps if he were doing such things, there wouldn't be a problem. Naked Aggression isn't the same thing.)

Mr Reid also called for a review of the Geneva Conventions, signed in 1949, governing the treatment of prisoners of war.

(To protect his military, who routinely tortures innocent people, in order to demoralize, control, and frighten others.)

He said the international legal framework governing rules of war had been drawn up at a time when the main international threat came from conflict between states and "did not contemplate the type of enemy which is now extant".

(You mean the undefined 'enemy', just vague enough to allow you to pursue any Aggressions you like? These laws were created while the Horrors [Terror?] of War were fresh in the mind, who wished to spare future generations from this Madness.)

'New century'

( - The Architects, 911 Culprits.)

"The laws of the 20th century placed constraints on us all which enhanced peace and protected liberty. We must ask ourselves whether, as the new century begins, they will do the same," he said.

(Not if you refuse to obey them, and remain intent upon destroying peace and liberty, no ...)

Mr Reid told the institute the world was facing a threat by unconstrained terrorist groups which were known to be trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

(But the member of a Criminal Regime, currently prosecuting Illegal Wars based upon LIES, armed with WMD of all sorts, didn't produce any evidence to back this up ...)

"We now have to cope with a deliberate regression towards barbaric terrorism by our opponents," he said.

(So allow us to regress into barbaric terrorism, which we've already carried out, but want to be spared prosecution for ...)

"The legal constraints upon us have to be set against an enemy that adheres no constraints whatsoever, but an enemy so swift to insist that we do in every particular, and that makes life very difficult for the forces of democracy."

(So let us become what we want you to fear, and help destroy this enemy, this thing called democracy, once and for all ...)

BBC (Retort by me)


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