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Shannon Larrat, body modifications

small WORLD Podcast | 31.03.2006 09:20 | Bio-technology | Culture | Technology | London | World

Interview with Shannon Larrat of BMEzine about body modifications.

Shannon Larrat
Shannon Larrat

Interview with Shannon Larrat

We discuss full back branding; Hyfrecator; tools moving from the medical world to the body modification world; cosmetic surgery used to make other people happy; my interview with Cosmetic Vacations; is plastic surgery sexist; the Wired body modification article; the book he is working on; the misunderstanding that he does body modifications on people; why he no longer tattoos people; when he moved from computer programming to running BMEzine and publishing; being a single dad and what he does to relax; subdermal implants within the body modification community; what are the risks involved with subdermal implants; why he removed his subdermal implants; RE/Search magazine's issue on Modern Primitives; cookie cutter tribal tattoos and piercings; custom art; Miami Ink; mainstream body modification; body modification in history; will big business sell "individualism"; the cuclical nature of pushing the boundaries of body norms; how will we change and adorn our bodies in the next ten years; body mods we have fanatasized about but we don't yet have the technology to do; turning the body into a canvas.

Featured mashup is "Somebody Rock Me" by Party Ben.

This episode is work safe.


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