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Crossrail Bill braeches Human rights Convention -Court action 27 March 2006

East London Against Crossrail hole Bill- | 24.03.2006 13:17 | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London

A group of campaigners in the East End of London, in the Brick Lane E1 area, are taking court action against Alistair Darling MP, the CrossRail Bill minister. They are also seeking court orders against the London Borough of Tower Haceks Council over that Council’s breaches of the law and over its abuses of public cash in promoting the CrossRail hole plan

Claims in court against Alistair Darling include the allegation that he made a false statment to parliament in asserting that the contents of the Crassrail Bill were compatible with the European Human Rights

East London Against Crossrail hole Bill-


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