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Ian Blair resign!

ipsiphi | 13.03.2006 12:09 | Analysis

On the 25th of July 2005 I first published the majority of the following text with the preamble :-
to restore the morale of the metropolitan police force, and to acknowledge the serious disquiet in the police force, and the international outrage and accompanying alienation within many of London's ethnic minorities, Sir Ian Blair QPM MA commissioner of the Metropolitan Police should offer his resignation to the "Rt Hon Tony Blair PM of HMG".

Not one iota has changed. Having marked 2 years this weekend since Madrid 11, and the weekend which followed and the Elections of March 14th 2004. I wish to link the behaviours of the securocracies of Spain and the UK.

Ben. Franklin .:.those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither
Ben. Franklin .:.those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither

I watched from my home in Barcelona as Pilar Manjon the president of the Victims of Terror of March 11th 2004 laid her wreath at the forest of the absent. Fully aware that in 2005 she was forced to go into hiding by consistent and persistent death threats by those elements who would have preferred she did not testify to the public inquiry.

I note that 8 months after the fact, you the peoples of London and the UK have not seen a public inquiry where representatives of victims were seen to question and receive satisfactory answers from the members of the "COBRA comittee" charged with the security of your state and its citizens last july 7th for the bombing, last july 21st for the non-bombing, and last July 22nd for the murder of an innocent.

the repost :-
Sir Ian Blair Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police 52, joined the Metropolitan Police in 1974 under the graduate entry scheme. His first posting was as a Police Constable in Soho. His career is long and solid and but the most recent events are the most important.

* He was appointed Commissioner in February 2005.

* As commissioner he was party to the downscaling of terrorist threat to London.

* As commissioner he was responsible for the investigation and security response at community level to the bombings of July 7.

* As commissioner he was responsible for the failure to stop the bombings of the 21st and the investigation and all information made public thereafter.

* As commissioner he was responsible for the delayed press conference of the 22nd, in which misleading and untrue information was presented to the global media concerning the first victim of a shoot to kill policy he is responsible for.

* The force he leads is at the centre of a global outrage.

It seems that his background, in civic crises management and information management has not properly prepared him for the honourable course. He must offer his resignation.

To properly end this most regretably chapter of London's history, and to restore morale amongst those officers of the Metropolitan police force, and the confidence of London's many ethnic communities.


He was educated at Wrekin College, Shropshire, Harvard High School, Los Angeles and Christ Church, Oxford. At Christ Church, he gained a Second Class Honours Degree in English Language and Literature.

He served as a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector in both uniform and CID in Central London. In 1985, as a Detective Chief Inspector, he took charge of the CID at Kentish Town in North London where, as well as conducting a number of major enquiries, he was responsible for the identification of those killed at the Kings Cross disaster.

Also in 1985, he published the book ‘Investigating Rape: A New Approach for Police’, which had a major impact on the way in which the police investigate offences of serious sexual assault.

In 1988, as a Superintendent, he managed the Metropolitan Police Crime Investigation Project which redesigned the purpose and structure of local CID offices throughout London. In 1989, he was appointed to Kensington Division.

In 1991, he was promoted to Chief Superintendent and appointed Staff Officer to Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, based at the Home Office.

On his return to the Metropolitan Police in 1993, he was appointed the officer in charge of Operation Gallery, at that time the largest police corruption enquiry in London for a decade.

In 1994, he was appointed Assistant Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police with responsibility for territorial policing and took charge of policing the Newbury by-pass protests.

In 1996, he changed portfolio to take responsibility for Personnel matters. In 1997, Ian Blair became designated deputy to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police. This posting was short-lived because he became Chief Constable of Surrey in January 1998.

In February 2000, he returned to the Metropolitan Police as the Deputy Commissioner. As well as supporting the Commissioner in the overall direction of the MPS, he had lead responsibility for change management, for anti-corruption work, for diversity and for information management.

His biography was not available on wikipedia, last July which was odd, but has now been added

Lets push him to resign for his birthday on the 19th of March.

When I first published this call for his resignation, a united kollectives imc'ista responded by saying there was no evidence of negligence on the part of the Metropolitan Police before, during or after the events of July 7th, July 21st and July 22nd. It was also noted that Blair the cop, was no relation to Blair the Blair. I responded "the magic of his name
26.07.2005 13:24
"To many readers in far off places, it is taken for granted that Tony Blair and Ian Blair are related.

It is normal in many countries and states that key positions of the legislature, executive and security forces are held by the ruling family or clan. & so if this commissioner resigns,
it will be reported and understood in those far off places, states and countries that a member of the ruling family or clan has resigned. & that would have its own interesting consequences none of which will weaken the security of
London or Londoners who live in a meritocracy which is keen to be seen as "the meritocracy" of anglo-saxon culture in contrast to such societies as Ireland where both prime minister and foreign minister share a surname and indeed a mother.

Ian Blair is where he is today, because of what he has done,
his surname is a mere coincidence is it not so?

Who knows, there might be a pc Brown or even pc Bush waiting on the lucky break of such meritocracy "promotion & coincidence" to bring themselves to our attention.

But that would put the conspiratorial cats amongst the pigeons. Perhaps best to avoid such confusions.


You all ought know otherwise now. And also be mindful of serious and obvious errors of judgement made by Ian Blair in the Blair name. You will not have answers till you demand the questions are put.,,1729831,00.html