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Leeds City Council suppresses report into PFI consultation

Bifo | 06.03.2006 15:29 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Anger amongst residents as an independent report into how they have been consulted over planned demolition of parts of Little London estate is suppressed.

Housing officers at Leeds City Council are so far refusing to allow the official tenants and residents association of Little London estate to see an independent report detailing how the Council conducted its recent consultation in February about a proposed £85m PFI regeneration scheme in the area. The revelations came at last Tuesday's (28 February) open public meeting of Little London Tenants and Residents Association from independent consultants, Banks of the Wear, who have been employed by Leeds City Council to act as 'independent residents advisor' during the consultation period.

Apologising to tenants and residents present, the company explained that "we would have liked to have come here tonight with the findings of our report for you, but we are currently not able to do so". The consultants added that they were convinced that the report "would be made available soon - there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to see it".

Rumours are now circulating that the reason the report has been suppressed is that it contains criticisms of the way Leeds City Council has handled the consultation process. This suspicion was only fuelled by the stories residents recounted of shocking abuses of the so-called 'consultation exercise' in which Council housing officers visited each home on the estate and canvassed opinion on whether people wanted the Comprehensive Regeneration Option - the PFI scheme - or the Decent Homes Option.

The meeting heard allegations of emotional blackmail, misleading information about whether tenants will be able to return to the estate once regeneration is complete and deliberate attempts to lead tenants to choose the PFI scheme over the Decent Homes. Some residents were even stopped from putting up an 'alternative exhibition' of how PFI would destroy the Little London community alongside the Council's propaganda during the consultation. Strangely, Banks of the Wear said this was "the first we have heard of such allegations".



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Write to the Chief Executive - ask for a copy of the report

06.03.2006 20:11

The Chief Executive of Leeds City Council is Paul Rogerson. His e-mail address is:

An e-mail to him could say something like this:

Subject: Little London estate

Mr Rogerson

I understand that Leeds City Council recently commissioned consultation which canvassed opinions of the "Comprehensive Regeneration Option" on Little London estate.

Could you please provide a copy of the report resulting from this consultation?

This request is made under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely


PFI must be stopped.

06.03.2006 21:51

Check out George Monbiot's book: "Captive State: The Corporate Takeover Of Britain". It's got SHITLOADS of dirt on the PFI. It's a brilliant piece of investigative journalism.

PFI isn't just privatisation through the back door. It's worse than that.


Consultation on PFI project

09.03.2006 15:23

I'm interested in any accounts of how the consultation was conducted. I'm writing and article about the Little London regeneration scheme and want to get as many different perspectives as possible. Please contact men at with any information about the scheme - your feelings towards it, rumours e.t.c.

Many thanks

Joel Turner

Leeds Weekly News

Joel Turner
mail e-mail: