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Excess Pay by Trade Unions and NGOs alike.

Me | 03.03.2006 18:29 | Analysis | Workers' Movements


How can TU leaders justify demanding such large (100k) salaries? It is sad to also reflect that it doesn't just stop there, most NGO groups which depends heavy on volunteers (Oxfam, Save the Children, etc...) also demand similar salaries.

Why do we let them happen?

No one can physically on their own, can create goods in a single year that would match anywhere near the sum money they are earning. The TU leaders/ NGO groups and others can only physically do that on the back of other people physical earning but in return those people receive less pay and thanks.

A classic example of enforcing class division by salary earnings.


Such claims made by these big earners justify their pay by making an excuse, that organisations need the best people. To do that, they need the salary to match the completive employment market. I would argue since these organisations are working for the benefit of people's welfare, such jobs should be expected with a certain moral obligation for pay to reflect their real work value and set a positive example for their staff.

It is frustrating that every time I read an article on the matter, it must really infuriate their employees even more so. As in some cases, (Not rare) people who are working in their free time as volunteers for NGOs are often unware the facts that their NGOs are employing staff in that manner.

Is it time for a change?