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2006 FIFA World Cup and villages for Children: that’s a scandal!

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The World Soccer Championship 2006 are approaching. FIFA has promoted a questionable initiative to build 6 villages for orphans. But they still have time to change their proposal and build 500 together with 50 hospitals to grant free health service all over Africa.

World Soccer Championship 2006 and villages for Children: that’s a scandal!

The news, allegedly published with fee, runs like this:

“6 villages for 2006” is the slogan and goal of the official humanitarian campaign for the World Soccer Championship promoted by FIFA and SOS Children’s Villages.

The challenge is about collecting enough funds to build 6 new villages in various continents thus offering a house to many needy children.

Why the World Soccer Championship 2006 and the children

In many developing countries, poverty, unemployment, debts are daily problems and the children often pay the price for growing up in families with social and economic difficulties.

You can find all the article at this link:
World Soccer Championship and Villages SOS:

We think it’s a ridiculous campaign. Obviously it’s clownish and with advertising aims.

FIFA is one of the biggest world organisations. If some of our friends managed to open the House of Childhood, why do they want to open only 6 villages for children?

We want 500 villages for children promoted by FIFA. And 50 hospitals in Africa in view of the World Soccer Championship in South Africa in 2010.

We think that a charity initiative should be linked to each soccer match.

With an average of 200 millions of people watching each match, if, during the break, everyone sends a SMS (some 10 and some none) of 1 € to build villages and hospitals, it’ll be 200 millions of euros for each match.

We want 500 villages and 50 hospitals in Africa otherwise we won’t turn the TV on not even for a minute.

Just 6 villages? Are you kidding? FIFA, you are just clowns!

If you don’t act like this, the World Soccer Championships will turn out to be a huge waste of human and economic resources.

Time is money.

How much money is the time spent by TV viewers in front of their TV worth?

How could it be differently used?

You still have time to change the course of action and build 500 villages for children and 50 hospitals to grant free health service in Africa.

So, come on, you can make it, don’t be scared!

A house to the children who lost their parents!
Free health service in Africa!

Come on, let’s put pressure on FIFA, that’s a unique chance!

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