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Solidarity Demo at New Court Case of Lancaster Uni Protesters (George Fox 6)

Barry Kade | 02.03.2006 01:01 | Social Struggles

Join the Demo.March 13th 2006, Lancaster Crown Court (behind the Castle).

The 'George Fox Six' are the six student protesters taken to court by the bosses of Lancaster University. They had been protesting against unethical corporations, including weapons manufacturers, hijaking the University. The original trial convicted them. Now they are appealing...

The George Fox Six Appeal: six on trial again from the 13th March!

Join them at the Crown Court on Monday 13th March at 10.00 to show solidarity and support Free Speech and "Education not Exploitation"!

Lots of people have said they'd like to come to Lancaster again to
support the six during their appeal against the conviction for going into a commercialisation conference at their own university. The six are really pleased with the amount of support they have received over the last year, and would like to say 'thankyou', and to invite people to come and join them outside the court on the firstand last day of the retrial.

As one of the six said: "Last time we had so many people when the court case started, and to hear the verdict - and that was so important to us. It showed the university that it can't just hide away these prosecutions and the whole commercialisation programme.

Once again we would like as many people as possible to come
and display their solidarity, not just for the six being prosecuted by the university, but with the belief in the right to protest and freedom of speech, and against the oppressive behaviour of the uni and the police.

"Sadly, the majority of those responsible for criminalising this
peaceful protest will once again not be there. They will be hiding away. But we can show that opposition to their actions has grown, and that we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated by any attempts to silence criticism."

For those coming from outside Lancaster we can arrange accomodation (please drop us a line as soon as you know you are coming).


Please come along on the 13th March at 10am to Lancaster Crown Court, Shirehall (part of the castle - round the back, Lancaster, LA1 1YJ. This is near the Rail;way station
- map on web:
or search for LA1 1YJ.

The appeal is scheduled to run for three days (but the first trial was
5 days!), and you are welcome to join us for the whole time if you wish.

Last time many of you managed to come along for the verdict despite only receiving short notice. Once again we will only be able to guess when the verdict may be due shortly beforehand. Do send us your email address if you want us to contact you when we have an idea when the verdict may be due.

Pictures from the last court case can be seen at:

Let us know if you need accomodation!
Sign the Petition:

Barry Kade
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Case suddenly moved to PRESTON! Solidarity needed!

13.03.2006 17:06

In a move to attempt to limit the impact of local solidarity protests, the authorities moved the George Fox Six case away from from Lancaster to Preston this morning. (Mon 13th March 2006)

Supporters are now urged to come to Preston to show their solidarity. The case is likely to go on for a few more days this week. Please come to:

Court six. Preston Crown Court The Law Courts,Ring Way, PRESTON. PR2 2LL

Thanks to all those who turned up outside Lancaster Crown Court this morning!

Freedom to Protest on Campus!
Universities for Peace Not War!
Research for Human Need Not Corporate Greed!

The 'George Fox Six' are the six student protesters taken to court by the top bosses of Lancaster University. They had been non-violently protesting against unethical corporations hijacking the University. Their protest briefly interupted a 'corporate venturing conference'being held in the George Fox building on campus.

These corporations include the weapons manufacturers at the heart of Bush and Blair’s war machine. Such corporate influence has inevitably put pressure on the University trying to try to silence dissent on campus – hence the arrest and trial of the George Fox Six, five months after the original protest. The original trial convicted them. Now they are appealing. Please come and show your support...

Barry Kade
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