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Clayton Hallmark | 28.02.2006 07:23 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

The US and European governments dare to deny this smoking-gun photographic evidence that:
1.--The CIA has been sneaking its prisoners in and out of Europe on cargo transport planes.
2.--CIA and foreign spy agencies work out of the same office (CTIC) in 31 countries.
3.--USA and European Union have an agreement for torture flights. Here is last copy left on the Web.
4.--Here are key passages of USA - EU torture pact. Here's how to download the rest.
Public needs this information. News writers need this information. Investigators need it.

European human rights groups are trying to get governments to look into this.
European human rights groups are trying to get governments to look into this.

A CTIC is a joint spy office, CIA plus local secret service.
A CTIC is a joint spy office, CIA plus local secret service.

Download this USA-EU torture agreement.
Download this USA-EU torture agreement.

Highlights of torture agreement. "Removal" means "rendition."
Highlights of torture agreement. "Removal" means "rendition."

The US says the planes carry "embassy cargo." European governments pretend to believe them -- and never inspect the planes. But, "Who you gonna believe, them or your lying eyes?" Just look at the photograph. See your flag? See your Stars and Stripes, Old Glory? See the MPs? See the prisoners? All of them (prisoners) are INNOCENT! Innocent until proven guilty, remember? They haven't even been legally arrested. What you see here, though, IS crime in progress. Kidnapping. Torture.

The list shows the 31 countries where the CIA shares an office (CTIC, Counterterrorist Intelligence Center) with the foreign spy agency. Notice that the European countries on the list include the origination points of rendition (kidnap for torture) flights. The North African and Middle East countries include the destination countries, which the US admits practice torture. The CIA pays the bills for the joint offices. Top officials of the countries -- prime ministers and presidents -- have agreed to the CTICs. The CIA's Director of the National Clandestine Center (aka Deputy Director of Operations, DDO), Jose Rodriguez, made his name setting these up.

The US and the European Union signed an agreement on 22 Jan. 2003 that provides further evidence of EU cooperation with CIA torture flights and prisons. I know of only one unedited version of this on the Web. I have saved it and show you how to download it. (Save it to disk, then open it with Adobe Reader.) Less than a month after the agreement, the CIA pulled the infamous Abu Omar rendition in Italy. There is no way the Italian secret service SISMI didn't know in advance, since it shares a CTIC office with the CIA. There is no way Prime Minister Berlusconi didn't know in advance, since his government approved both the Italian CTIC and the EU agreement.


The following is an example of what investigators like the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the British Parliament, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, CIA victims' lawyers in the US and Europe, and others are up against.

A US plane, N8213G, a Lockheed L100-30, serial number 5055 (SEE ACCOMPANYING TABLE), landed at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in May 16, 2003. This large cargo plane, which was emblazoned with the name "Prescott," may even be the one in the photograph. It is the civilian version of the huge C-130 Hercules military transport.

Asked to investigate, the Finnish defense ministry confirmed that such a plane landed in Finland on May 16, 2003. It was just on a cargo flight, they explained. In a statement issued Nov. 19, 2005, they averred: "No available information suggests that the aircraft in question would have been used to transport prisoners." Cargo planes can carry only cargo, right? Well the photo in this article is "available information." Cargo aircraft are indeed used by to transport CIA prisoners, and not under the most humane conditions, the photo shows.

Now, what information was the defense ministry going on? It seems that the plane's owner, the US "company" Prescott Support, made a request for landing at Helsinki-Vantaa and that the Civil Aviation Administration (Finland's version of the FAA) had received the request on April 23, 2003. Since the application said the plane would be used to carry "embassy cargo," the CAA referred it to the ever-credulous defense ministry, which granted landing permission. That's it. Prescott Support (an untraceable, nonexistent company) said so, so it must be so. How could a phony company lie?

"We do not torture," President Bush declared during a press conference in Panama in Nov. 2005. Yes, and as President Nixon famously said, "Your president is not a crook."

Condoleeza Rice also claims the US doesn't torture. Before Ms. Rice left the US last December to establish a relationship with the new female Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and to put out some fires in Europe over rendition (kidnapping) and secret-prison allegations against the CIA, Ms. Rice admitted that terror suspects were flown abroad for interrogation but denied they were tortured. She said suspects were moved by plane under a process known as rendition, and she called this "a lawful weapon."

Condoleeza, minister's daughter and genius that you are, does the process in the photo look to you like a "lawful weapon" to be used by an honorable nation under an honorable flag?


The table (click here: ) will prove useful in following (or even writing) news stories about CIA renditions and flights. And there *will* be headline stories and lead stories on TV news.

The table shows the planes the CIA might use to transport prisoners. Some are executive jets -- Learjets and Gulfstreams -- like corporate America uses. Some are large transport planes like the military uses for cargo. As the photo shows, any of them might be used to carry prisoners. ALL OF THEM MUST BE CONSIDERED SUSPECTS.

Planes marked with an "r" are known rendition planes. Most of the rendition planes have not been identified yet, because government ministries like the Finnish defense ministry are covering up or disinterested and the US uses subterfuges like flying the prisoners in cargo planes. More rendition planes will be identified as public awareness grows and as investigations, lawsuits, and prosecutions proceed.

There are 51 different planes in the table but 57 N-numbers (FAA registration numbers, or tail numbers). Thus some planes have duplicate numbers. This is because of the CIA practice of moving a plane to another shell company once it becomes known to the public. You are not supposed to know how people are transported to torture.

There are 26 planes operated by 8 known CIA front companies ("air proprietaries"). The number of planes varies from time to time. The front companies are marked with asterisks (*) at the end. The list is as up to date and complete as practicable. Planes are moved from one front to another in a kind of shell game. The CIA buys and sells planes through the fronts and occasionally creates and deletes fronts. Some of the leasing companies in the list, like ALAMEDA Corp. (which owns former US Marshals Service prison plane N822US), might be CIA front companies that have not been identified yet. (The real cover was not Brewster Jennings but was Burke Dennehy and Paul Jennings.)

Another 10 of the planes are registered to Blackwater USA of Moyock, NC, the famous mercenary (soldiers of fortune) company. This company is an important contractor for the CIA and the US military, providing personnel and training as well as aviation services. It provides aviation services through its subsidiaries, Aviation Worldwide Services and Presidential Airways. (The latter is not to be confused with Presidential Aviation, an aircraft-leasing company owned by the super-rich Mark J. Gordon, who sold his telemarketing company for over $600 million.)

The 26 CIA-front planes and 10 Blackwater planes are CIA frequent fliers. The other 15 planes in the list (26 + 10 + 15 = 51 planes, total) represent occasional leases from companies like Gordon's. For example, N85VM is leased out by Richmor Aviation and is hangared in Schenectady, NY. This plane was used in the rendition to Egypt of militant cleric Abu Omar from Milan, Italy, in 2003. The 22 CIA abductors soon might be tried there in absentia. The plane is owned by Assembly Point Aviation. That in turn is owned by Phillip H. Morse, a Jupiter, FL, inventor/businessman who also made hundreds of millions on the sale of a business (NAMIC USA [cardiac catheters] of Glen Falls, NY) and who co-owns the Boston Red Sox. Asked about his plane's use to fly prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, Morse said, ''It just so happens one of our customers is the CIA. I was glad to have the business."

The rich work for the CIA because the CIA works for them.


The eight CIA shell companies thought to be extant are:


Some of the numbers in the list formerly were registered to a ninth company, PREMIER EXECUTIVE TRANSPORT SERVICES, INC. Its planes have been moved to other companies in the shell game.



The operation of the front-company (CIA-owned) planes is the job of a company called Aero Contractors Ltd, founded by a former CIA pilot. Aero Contractors operates all but one of these out of the Johnston County Airport in Smithfield, NC. The Boeing 737, N4476S (formerly N313P), operates out of the Kinston Regional Jetport in Kinston, NC. Both locations have been recent targets of anti-torture protests. The mailing address and phone number given for the 737's front (Keeler & Tate), by the way, belong to the law office of former US Senator Paul Laxalt of Nevada, once called the "First Friend" for his relationship with President Reagan.

The US Air Force base (Rhein-Main) at Frankfurt, Germany, is the European base of the 737.


Three other large transports on the list -- Lockheeds N2189M, N4557C, and N8183J -- are owned by the shell company Rapid Air Tran (Transport).

Tepper Aviation, Inc., maintains and operates these planes out of the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview, FL. Tepper was started by a CIA pilot of that name and was and is CIA-financed.

The European base of the Lockheeds also is Rhein-Main. The large CIA planes are involved in Afghanistan operations.

The N8183J, like the N8213G, was investigated by a European government but got a pass because it is a cargo plane. Two Austrian Draken fighter planes intercepted N8183J intruding into Austrian airspace on Jan. 21, 2003. The Drakens normally would have forced the plane to land, but they only intercepted it. The Austrian foreign ministry considered the aircraft as civilian (Is the CIA civilian?) and saw no reason to authorize the ministry of defense to force the plane to land. After all, it was a cargo plane (see photo).


Presidential and AWS are owned by the mercenary firm Blackwater USA. They operate out of the Melbourne International Airport in central Florida. They are run by the former owners, Richard Pere and Tim Childrey.

The companies fly Spanish CASA C-212 wide-body passenger/cargo aircraft. These carry paratroops and oversized cargo and can operate from short and unimproved runways.

In Europe, Malta is the base for these planes and the ATRs in the list, both of which operate in Afghanistan.


Pegasus Technologies works on the avionics (aviation electronics), sensor, and electrical systems of the CIA planes. This presumably includes top-secret encrypted-communications systems and night-vision systems.

At the company's airstrip near Green Cove Springs, FL, in the Reynolds Industrial Park, at a former naval base, you are apt to see many of the planes in the list. Few if any other companies would have the security clearances to work on the CIA's electronics.




Clayton Hallmark


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02.06.2008 19:37

The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The Constitutional Government Of
The United States of America

The present task is to identify agencies and *individuals of the USA government who are responsible for the collapse of the constitutional democracy and the simultaneous formation of the current totalitarian state here. As may be expected the criminals and the terrorists of the two premier homicidal groups (i.e.: the fbi/cia) are also the spearheads of the nation's global intel operations, both overt and covert.** Other intel groups take orders (either directly or indirectly ) from the fbi and the cia.

Due to the corruption, incompetence and outright felonious mindset of the members of the fbi/cia, all of the other intel arms of the USA government are unable to protect the country from the mounting threats by persons and countries who seek to stop this nation's assault on Humanity. The reason for the national intel failure, therefore , can be directly attributable to the fbi/cia and their foolish congressional and presidential Handlers. As a result of this website and ( I have learned that the following intel groups study my material sometime in an apparent effort to comprehend why the fbi would attempt to frame (or neutralize) one of their own:

fbi ( this group of thugs ostensibly operates under doj, but in reality the fbi is the boss);
cia- this group is a nation unto itself, operating completely independently of the US governmnet;;

homeland security (responsible for many threats and assaults on my person)has an intel office manned by special agents and others who analyze data;
dea has an intel office for national security matters, but dea is largely controlled by fbi/cia; dea also pretends to function under the authority of doj;

the dept of defense is top dog in military intel, but they too take orders (or to put it mildly, "requests" from the fbi/cia)-within this dod group are army, air force, navy, marines (their respective intel offices);also under the dod banner are the dia, nsa, nro (national recon office), and the national geospacial intel office (Note that this office has extensively analysed my sites and for this reason I came to learn of their existence as a highly specialized tech office coordinating data both from earth and space);

The US Department of State has its own office of intel which regularly reviews my material to determine whether I may be a candidate for a federal arrest warrant;The US depts of energy and treasury also each visit my sites in connection with their appraisals of finances, etc., in connection with my material and visits thereto.

The various intel groups have their own subgroups which also carry out mission oriented objectives globally. For purposes of this report the reader should understand that the United States of America is run by the intel services and that these agencies are so completely corrupt in their operations and influence that no one can touch them.

*The names of fbi and cia agents, operatives, thugs, assassins, etc., is a work in progress; see my sites, newspaper reports, and perform other inquiries to identify the government rat bastards who look to imprison, torture, kill anyone who stands in their path.

**[Some of the above material is borrowed from the book, "Intelligence and National Security, A Reference Handbook" by J. Ransom Clark, Praeger Security International, Weatport Connecticut,2007.]
Note: The Pentagon shows particular interest (see image below) in the above report because the people are supposed to be kept in the dark; I have a message for the Pentagon and the fbi/cia snakes that hang out therein: THIS LAND IS MY LAND.
Site meter visit by ARMY at PENTAGON [See also subsequent VA threat below, dated 5-30-08]:

Domain Name (Military)
IP Address 141.116.10.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon)
ISP Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
State : Virginia
City : Annandale
Time of Visit May 23 2008 2:56:13 pm
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
The Washington D.C. (non)Indymedia deletes the above article and attacks with the following statement by a fbi/cia foolish stooge (underling):
"The requested content was deleted with notes: Other = Excessive Weirdness. Really weird, rambling, paranoid rant. The FBI/CIA have an office dedicated to specifically monitor HIS output? Crank."
Most Indymedia groups across the USA refuse to publish this report; thus, by their actions these Indy groups are clearly controlled by the fbi and the cia. This subversion of Indymedia is further evidence of the totalitarian state that presently grips the USA and that violently threatens all nations (either with armed invasions or with stated plans to obliterate specific countries).
As of May 29, 2008, evidence suggests that the cia has ordered GOOGLE to limit coverage of Sosbee's reports, especially the one entitled:
The Responsibility For The Collapse Of The USA
Shortly after the order to Google, the world's leading search engine sends Sosbee a message that the ''cia versus fbi''(sosbee); see GOOGLE'S MESSAGE TO ME DELIVERED ON GOOGLE's on May 28, 2008, at
via the search engine as follows:

Google Advanced Search
Google SafeSearch is ON

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 264,000 for CIA versus FBI with Safesearch on. (0.15 seconds)

Geral W. Sosbee vs. fbi, Whistle Blower, ex-FBI Agent of the ...
The incompetence and lack of leadership in the fbi coupled with the ever increasing fbi abuses of power within the context of the emerging fbi/cia sponsored ... - 89k -Cached - Similar pages
From Harlingen, Texas
May 30, 2008

The VA this date sends a subliminal (and ominous)message to Sosbee that his name on the VA records payment center is hereby incorrectly and maliciously changed to:
"Gerald W Sosbe"
The actual entry looks like this in the bank records:

Sosbee accepts the VA's message as a threat by which the fbi and the cia intend to further intimidate.
Sosbee to VA:
This won't work, girls, as I am already prepared for the worst.
From Harlingen, Texas
June 2, 2008
After the above report on the 'Collapse of USA' the fbi turns up the intensity of the directed energy assaults against me, and thereby reveals an ability to completely incapacitate the Target at will. On a scale of one to ten, previous assaults have been about a five (or routinely about a four); over the past few nights the intensity jumps to about six. If the fbi and the cia elevate the intensity to eight , nine, or ten, I am certain that the Target would thereby have his brain entrained.
[Also, the fbi and the cia have apparently removed from the search engines all (or most) references to the above article as of this date.]

mail e-mail: GSOSBEE@GMAIL.COM
- Homepage: http://HTTP://WWW.SOSBEEVFBI.COM


12.08.2008 21:03

AMERICANS EMBRACE THEIR FBI/CIA/POLICE SERIAL KILLER PROTECTORS for now, but in the longer term this unhealthy state of affairs must be reversed.

The serial killers (sks) of the fbi and the cia whom I have described in my reports operate with the implied consent of all branches of the US government and of the people. The USA produces over a half of all serial killers on earth, and when all the facts are made public the USA will be credited with creating maybe 80% of the world’s serial killers.Some sks are born psychopathic; others are made deranged by the government,or by social circumstance. In the case of the fbi their dirty little secret of protecting their sks from outside scrutiny now comes to a halt with my reports.
As the fbi agents and operatives stalk, assault and torture their Target, they often send messages to the Target and record his responses on wireless surveillance technology. The fbi and the cia also record the forced suicide of the Target for the benefit of the Senate Intelligence Committee of Congress, lest any doubt may arise as to the casue of death.
Further, the depths of depravity to which the fbi/cia stoop in their assassinations of Targets are the more horrendous as these homicidal groups sometimes bring about the death of the Target by causes that appear to be natural. See for example my reports on biological, chemical and viral assaults on my person; also consider the evidence that the fbi created the kidney stone in my body and watched (and recorded) me collapse in agonizing pain from the effects of the blocked tube wherein the stone was lodged.
Other high tech gadgetries used by the intel services to cause stroke, heart attack, or similar life threatening condition are the directed energy weaponry with their invisible bullets which deliver severe pain and a variety of disturbing symptoms. As I have shown in my reports all of this activity is used in concert with the home and car surveillance, invasions and strategic tamperings therein (with concurrent messagings to the Target) and conditioned response assaults on the Target to attempt to secure his submission to the mind games. In many cases these tricks and devices ultimately cause the death of the Target as the fbi sks watch and record; afterwards the assassins move on to another Target whereupon the fbi thugs and their operatives repeat the series of similar assaults on the new Target to cause his death by similar means.
The minds of the fbi/cia sks are thus no different in their infirmity from the minds of sks presented in the modern popular history books and movies; the fbi/cia’s methods of killing and torturing the Targets are also similar to other sks in public records in that the sks often play, or toy with the Target prior to his actual demise; the killers also leave messages or notices that the sks were in the home or car of the target, so that he may worry about the next assault.
The sks of the USA's government are honored by the community at large and they often enjoy presitigious social standing in the respective towns and perhaps even attend church, PTA, etc. The government comes to rely on the sks to remove any activist who might pose a theoretical threat to the power of the courts, the congress,or other corrupt government agencies which train and use the sks. I have known several sks during and after my service in government. One such homicidal psychopath was in the Tampa , Florida fbi office; others were in Chicago and New York fbi offices. All such creatures enjoyed favorite standing in the office, as they were used to murder those subjects who the fbi headquarters considered dead men walking.
I also personally knew a Dallas, Texas, police detective who admitted killing in cold blood five subjects by using their bodies as Target practice. One such victim of the same cop was known to me because I read his file when I was a private investigator. He was a known drug dealer who in the past had owned a hand gun; therefore he was considered “armed and dangerous”; this same man was non violent, was not armed on the day of the killing, and had retained the services of an attorney because he knew that the DA had an arrest warrant on him and that he would soon be arrested. The police detective, however, was not concerned with humane or legal treatment of this drug dealer; the cop shot the Target dead and continued firing about 30 (thirty) rounds in the body as it lay on the street.
The fbi and the cia have created a kind of institutional sk school at the fbi national academy where all graduates (including fbi and police personnel) are indoctrinated as sks or sk facilitators. Note in my previous reports that many doctors and dentists (as well as politicians ) are also sk facilitators as they actively help torment the Targets as I have documented.
Thus the world should accept the reality that the people embrace serial killers to protect the people; this state of affairs is untenable and must be reversed.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

The United States Army now assists the fbi/cia in their torture of this veteran

04.09.2008 20:52

From Harlingen, Texas
September 4, 2008

The directed energy assaults continue with greater intensity and the symptoms associated with the assaults are ever more pronounced and painful.

The fbi and the United States Army are aware of the high tech assaults and should be called to answer for same.
However, the United States Congress is hopelessly corrupt and cowardly and in no mood to challenge the homicidal maniacs and torturers
who claim to defend this nation.
Note also that...
...Ft Huachuca may be the headquarters of Army intelligence
and reportedly has a IT branch where Lockheed Martin is involved with an Electronic warfare program at Ft Hauchuca:

The image below shows the US Army visit to my site this date:

By Location ; Visit Detail
Visit 58,286
Domain Name (Military)
IP Address 192.188.205.# (Headquarters, USAAISC)
ISP Headquarters, USAAISC
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Arizona
City : Fort Huachuca
Time of Visit Sep 4 2008 8:31:30 am
Visit Length 1 minute 8 seconds
Page Views 5
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Sosbee to the Army: your participation/acquiesence in the torture of this veteran will never be forgotten, but I am grateful that I am able to present evidence of your
retardation/evil to the people of the world for their educational purposes.

See Also:
To All Americans Who Think That Our Enemies Have No Cause To Torture/Kill Innocent Americans...
...I can tell you this, that no American who *supports (or benefits from) the present killing machine of the United States Government be innocent; this means in part that shareholders of the following companies (among many others) are direct beneficiaries of the torture, imprisonment and murder (including forced suicide) of people around the world , including our own patriotic war veterans; all Americans by extension are the presumed proud supporters of the fbi/cia,etc., global killing and torture machine and cannot when convenient describe themselves as "Innocent Americans":

* Lockheed Martin
* Boeing
* Northrop Grumman
* Raytheon )
* General Dynamics
* United Technologies
* Science Applications International Corporation
* TRW (acquired by Northrop Grumman, 12 Dec 2002)
* Health Net
* L-3 Communications Holdings
* Honeywell Inc.
* Hughes
* Rockwell
* Textron

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