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Sustainable Communities Action Forum London - Saturday 4th March - 6pm

mark | 27.02.2006 11:39 | Ecology | Free Spaces | London

St Matthias ( Covergence ) Centre, Bullivant St, London E14 0ER.
DLR: All Saints. Buses: 15, 108, 115, 277, D6, D7, D8.


Peak Oil. System dependency. Corporate war for resources. From corporate denial to greenwash and capitalist co-option. …..

2nd meeting of a new forum in London promoting eco skillsharing and positive action.

This meeting is to get the ball really rolling with practical projects.

To learn positive low impact skills from organic gardening, low impact building, alt. energy, alt community living, and action skills.

To put people in touch with schemes that need volunteers and vice versa. To help with sustainable projects and communities and for us to start new ones both urban and rural.

To campaign / be involved in campaigns against greenwash, and its unsustainable ‘green’ consumerist/capitalist disguises. i.e the root causes of climate change and social misery are inherent in the capitalist system and it’s need for market/production growth. Intergrate skills learned into actions.

To promote non-hierarchical campaigning and community building through building of genuine skills and skill-sharing. And everybody gets their hands dirty. i.e promotion of DIY culture over voyeuristic / consumerist/capitalist activities.

To connect urban and rural.

To make this available for all i.e. not economically, physically or socially prohibitive.

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