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movie of last saturday's wonderful shell petrol station blockade in islington

rikki | 24.02.2006 10:24 | Rossport Solidarity | Culture | Ecology | Free Spaces | London

sorry it's taken so long! but it's a proper little film that hopefully captures the afternoon. it's nearly fifteen minutes long, but this compression makes it only 10.8 Mb, so it's just about do-able even on dial-up if you're patient.

best way to guarantee you can view this film is:

download it it, saving it to your computer hard disc.
download videolan vlc free media player for mac, windows, or linux
(you should have this free player anyway - it rocks, and it's free!!)
open the film in vlc and enjoy

there's photos and info about this action here:

for more info about the campaign, check



screen quality version available

24.02.2006 22:38

a screening quality version is downloadable (307Mb quicktime) at



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  1. Great stuff guys!! — x pru x
  2. Excellent video Rikki! — Doug.
  3. too small — shell belly
  4. section 50 — ACAB