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Sussex police threaten Smash EDO Victory Demo

Pigwatch | 23.02.2006 22:26 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | South Coast

After anti EDO MBM protestors beat the injunction in the high court the police have tried to impose their own conditions quoting health and safety!!!

This is a call out for everyone who wants to defend the right to protest to come to the Smash EDO Victory Demo at 4pm next Wednesday the 1st March...

Attached is a map showing the area where you will be allowed to congregate on
1st March to protest. This area is on the kerbside closest to the EDO premises
and abuts the entrance/exit.

If any protestors meet at the junction of Home Farm Road and Lewes Road and
wish to march to the premises then, for their own health and safety,they will
be escorted. Any persons arriving independently will be directed to the protest
area for the duration of the demonstration.

If you wish to discuss this issue I am, as always, available at Hove Police

Sean McDonald
Planning and Events



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