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Protest against Deportations and Detention

LordRich | 22.02.2006 16:51 | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles

Friday 3rd March
Demonstration at Waterside Reporting Centre on Kirkstall Road

Bring banners, musical instruments and your friends and let the Immigration and Nationality Directorate at the Home Office know that the war on asylum seekers must stop. All are welcome in our city to live in peace free from the fear of detention and deportation. Called by `Leeds No Borders' part of a European network of people opposed to immigration controls.

Show your support for people facing deportation. Stop the unjust seizure and detention of asylum seekers. Asylum seekers from across Leeds are required to sign at waterside reporting centre. Every time they go there they face the prospect of arbitrary detention and deportation. The fear of being separated from their family, detained for an indefinite period and finally deported is a constant source of stress. This has had tragic consequences recently with the suicide of a young man facing deportation in Leeds. There are currently over one thousand destitute asylum seekers living in Leeds with no support or help from the Government, their only crime refusing to return to countries where they fear for their lives.

Come and join our peaceful protest outside Waterside Court on Kirkstall Road just past Netto and before the `Hand car Wash' centre. Regular buses make the five minute journey from the town centre including. no. 36 and 757). It might be cold so bring some entertainment, food, games, etc. to keep warm and make it clear to all those coming to `report' that all are welcome in Leeds.

Bradford people are invited to gather at Fair Trade Cafe at 10am or come at 9am for Breakfast (£2). We'll travel together by train and bus.



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  1. Open Borders = misery, disease and poverty for all — Lord Snooty