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Hunt Sabs attacked by Police

Nels SAb | 22.02.2006 14:47 | Animal Liberation | Repression | London | South Coast

7 North and East London Sabs are attacked then arrested by Sussex Police. Still being held after 28 hours in Hastings, no charges. The Police truncheoned the windows leaving one sab with glass in his eye.

From: "Hunt Saboteurs Association"
Subject: Hunt Saboteurs attacked & then arrested - HSA Press Release
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 12:24:33 +0000

Police action condemned as ludicrous‚ as hunt saboteurs who attempt to prevent illegal hunting, are attacked and then arrested!

For immediate release Wednesday 22nd February 2006

The Hunt Saboteurs Association today condemned the ludicrous actions of police yesterday after they arrested 7 hunt sabotuers on Suspicion of ABH whilst attending a meet of the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Fox Hounds, who met near Hastings, East Sussex. The hunt, believed to have been blatently hunting illegally for several weeks, was seen to be hunting illegally from the start of the day and hunt saboteurs were present to get evidence of this. Within an hour of the hunt starting terriermen with the hunt were found to be digging out a fox which had gone to ground. Hunt saboteurs present tried to intervene in but were subjected to a vicious attack. They returned to their vehicle and were then stopped by a police car, the occupants of which jumped out, smashed the vehicles windows, and arrested those inside without stopping to ask any questions first.

Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the HSA, stated This is an outrageous
response by the police, but one which unfortunately doesn't surprise us!
Time and time again this season we are present to check on hunts, and when we find them hunting illegally we call the police ˆ who either fail to respond or turn up some 2 hours later. However, as soon as the situation degenerates into a public order matter they suddenly find the resources to turn up ˆ and then promptly arrest the very people who were trying to prevent a crime in the first place! To recap, yesterday saw people intent on saving the lives of hunted animals attacked by hunt thugs, then attacked by police, and then arrested and held for being attacked. One person had to attend hospital as they suffered glass in the eye when the police decided it was necessary to smash the vehicle windows in order to deal with those inside, and 7 people remain in police custody for questionning. One thing
we do know ˆ the police have never been so quite so ready and willing to arrest and detain the hunters. Time for a massive change in attitude, and one which we will force if we have to.‚

Notes to Editors

For further information contact Dawn Preston on 07904 387559.

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Office

All press enquiries 07904 387559
Other enquiries 0845 4500727 (24hr ansaphone)


Nels SAb
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Blair backs illegal hunting, so his police thugs will naturally attack the sabs

22.02.2006 17:50

Blair is an absolute dictator in the UK, despite having just 2 in 10 of the population vote for him. As dictator, the Law of the Land has NOTHING to do with the written laws of parliament, or the Magna Carta, or Common Law. Blair's WILL is the law.

Is Blair against hunting? No! Thus, Blair's thugs in blue are not against illegal hunting either. Now who is suprised at this?

You see recently, Blair had his thugs abuse the dark-skinned actors that appeared in the "Road to Guantamano". While Blair's New Reich goon Hain (previously an agent of the South African apartheid government) implied to an audience of millions on QuestionTime that his master was against the Guantamano Bay torture/murder facility, Blair was planning a vile attack on those behind the film, knowing that the Mass Media had already promised to give the story as little coverage as possible.

Notice a common pattern?

For most of the sheep in the UK, they only 'know' what the Mass Media loudly trumpets. Thus, for them, hunting is largely 'banned'. The reality does not matter, because it is witnessed by too few people.

Blair does not seek to hide his methods from those that care to watch him carefully. Instead, he relies on the stupidity of his opponents- the way in which they act 'suprised' by the actions of his well trained police thugs, every time they carefully execute his instructions.

However, I would point out that Blair is still vunerable to counter publicity, over both this hunt-sab incident, and his sickening abuse of the film actors. While the Mass Media is under strict instructions to give minimum coverage to both incidents, that does not prevent those involved from using these clear abuses of Blair's power to their advantage.

When the police act in a way that is both criminal and outrageous, the dissemination of information about these acts becomes a very powerful weapon. Of course, Blair's advantage is that his enemies rarely exploit their best propaganda, settling instead for mentioning such facts once, and then moving on to much weaker ground.

"If hunting foxes with hounds is ILLEGAL, why does Blair order HIS policeforce to work on the side of the criminals"

This is an example of a simple propaganda message (that has the advantage of being true in all factual respects) honed into a very potent weapon. Hunting is NOT so important to Blair that he would stand with the criminals to his own detriment. If you attack illegal hunting by attacking Blair, you can easily win. Any other strategy is doomed to fail, while Blair is in power, and you will cease to care about issues surrounding blood sports long before Blair is removed from power.