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court tommorow for tree protest

borris | 21.02.2006 14:27 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Oxford

latest news from tree protest in shepton mallet

latest news!

just spoke to camp, they need food that will be suitable for up trees, high energy etc incase of seige!.

some fences were put up today to block entrances, one has already vanished!!!

it looks like they are going for a high court injunction (same as blackwood treesit) this can be served on people unknown! but was ignored at blackwood, and no further action took place.

can anyone go to court to see the outcome of this as i have advised camp members to stay put! its in london tommorow morning!

the spirit seems high at the camp and they are ready to stand their ground!

national eviction team and r. turner climbers need three weeks to prepare, but tesco may try other means to get them out!

please post this wherever you can as i gotta go to work in a bit!

love peace and love to the trees


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Contact number for the camp

21.02.2006 15:59

You can contact the anti-Tesco camp on 07749 110 689

For messages of support, how to get there and stuff.

With 400 trees in danger, does Shepton Mallet really need another Tesco?