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W Bush U.S. Petroleum-Trafficker-In-Chief addresses addicts

Tony Ryals | 21.02.2006 06:10 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | World

So W Bush sacrificed those of low income American soldiers and our National Guard who should have been at home protecting our shores and raising their children as well as women who should not have been on a battlefield in the first place and now he goes around Congress and the American people to make deal with United Arab Emirate Muslim fundamentalists to guard our ports,a job those dead soldiers and National Guard in Iraq should have been performing !

Bush faces pressure to block port deal

W Bush U.S. Petroleum Trafficker-In-Chief addresses addicts

W Bush, KKKiller KKKlown from Wakkko,Texass, continues to pimp before the American public assuring them they are all petroleum addicts and that he is their Savior.He and 'shoot first ask questions never' President of Vice,Slikkk Dikkk Cheney, having assured that only blood and not oil will flow from Iraq and that women must wear chadors while the old Iraqi Christian community flees for their lives,now installs Muslim fundamentalists from the United Arab Emirates to protect his and their oil flows into all strategic U.S.harbors.But hey,don't complain if you are an American you are an addict and Busholini and Papa Doc George Herbert Walker Bush in Maine know what's best for you.And so does Carlyle and Haliburton and big oil that they represent.

The Christian Right Wing Coalition living by their biblical Armagedon mythology are now given all the money that would otherwise go to poverty or welfare programs or to education to see that you are truly saved and that biblical mythologies will be lived by and died by. Jesus will not drop from the skies but certainly Black Hawk helipcopters and jet bombers from the U.S. will be seen over Iraq and the Middle East until the Muslims unite or Russians lose their patience or China kicks America off the Chinese welfare roles that W Bush signed them up for.Perhaps those who live by religious mythology,die by religious mythology.

Till then,woopty doo,W has at least restored the flow of Afghan heroin to the world market that was drying up under the Al-Qaeda and Taliban fundamentalists. The U.S. Christian fundamentalists and CIA,et al., who have replaced the Taliban at least know how to revive the Afghan heroin industry and keep that flowing even if the means of getting Iraqi oil flowing to compete with their Saudi allies eludes them.

Besides you are now bogged down in Iraq where the only thing that flows is' blood in the streets' to quote the infamous Lord Rothschild from the headless days of the French Revolution and the Beltway's far right National Taxpayer Union founder James Dale Davidson who likes to plagiarise him and even runs penny stock pump and dump ops out of Dubai now a days when not giving the Republicans tax advise from Alexandria.No longer content to run his scams out of his old Alexandria,Virginia NTU office or from Agora Inc. in Baltimore and from LOM of Burmuda or Austria,Germany or Lichtenstein he can now operate scams from Dubai where his fellow far right Middle Eastern colleagues can aid his scams.

And Steve Forbes his NTU colleague may be involved in Davidson's penny stock scams for all I know which would explain why he never opens his tax records for public scrutiny even when he funds his own political
campaigns.In fact if anything this daddy's boy and billionaire son Forbe's covers up the stock frauds of his colleague James Dale Davidson or neglects to report them in his Forbes magazine as well as his political frauds (i.e.-Clinton killed Vince Foster).

And of course Davidson also tried to blame the death of ex-CIA Chief William Colby who blocked CIA intervention into the Nixon Watergate investigation, on Clinton as well even though Davidson was Colby's employer at the time of his death.And James Dale Davidson's or persons related to it inexplicably predicted Colby's death a month in advance albeit by auto accident rather than the drowning that occured a month later.

Right now a massive penny stock fraud to mask the pump and dump of penny stocks under the guise of supposed 'anti- naked short selling' where lives are threatened and penny stock investors defrauded rages with James Dale Davidson most likely behind the scenes.

Yahoo! who aided the Chinese government to put away a journalist for 10 years in some Chinese prison hell hole is allowing if not encouraging this stock fraud and sponsoring death threats by penny stock promoters allied with Patrick Byne of at this very moment on Yahoo's NFI and OSTK message boards ! Both Gary Weiss who wrote 'Mafia On Wall Street' and the good billionaire Mark Cuban of have been the only ones to challenge this fraudulent penny stock mafia and they have also been berated and harrassed by the aliases who use both Yahoo and to promote their penny stock frauds and threats on what should be public message boards.

Yahoo ! and those who run,(now owned by the Korean Daum corporation), aid and abet this fraud and rather than remove the criminals they remove and delete the messages and entire email accounts of those such as myself who warn of the fraud !

Could it be that Yahoo ! and may be protecting goverment and Beltway connected criminals just as they help lock up Chinese dissidents ? And where do they take your email or who do they give it to once your account is 'deleted' ? Much of the penny stock fraud occuring at present has many similarities to the days of Ollie North,Meyer Binder stock scams out of Colorado that were also in part Bush connected.

The penny stock mafia, as well as, claims that the worthless penny stocks it promotes are being 'naked shorted' and so far SEC officials have been implicated in the fraudulent cover up who have aided or turned the other way as offshore criminals, some Americans,take advantage of unaudited or even unregistered to U.S. penny stocks to defraud naive American and other 'investors' of U.S. penny stocks as well as to launder money no doubt with the W Bush regime's blessing.This laundered money may return to America from Kuala Lumpur,Dubai or other money laundering havens later as 'clean money' to aid political fear campaigns or perhaps even aid terrorism against you.

Brent Baker is one example of an ex-SEC official who has profited greatly from penny stock fraud by refusing to convict James Dale Davidson and his Agora Inc for penny stock fraud.He is now paid by Utah's Patrick Byrne of to fraudulently claim or insinuate the Byrne's maniplualted and worthless shares are being 'naked shorted' the same claim Davidson and his Agora Inc have had so much success with in their penny stock fraud pump and dump ops.

Utah's Senator Bob Bennett has either become senile on the job or is purposefully aiding his corrupt constituent and doner to Republican polititical psyops Patrick Byrne of Byrne and his billionaire dad actually funded a million dollar campaign single handedly,(or from money Patrick made on dumping Overstock shares on defrauded investors perhaps),against Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards in the last presidential campaign as well as donating to the Swift Boat Captains Against Kerry political psyops.

Another of the National Taxpayers Union colleages of Steve Forbes and James Dale Davidson, Grover Norquist,is implicated in Jack Abramoff's political bribery and gambling scandals and rumor is Jeb Bush the Governor of Florida where the gambling mafia has been well protected and pampered under his regime is busy burning records that would rightfully tie him to Abramoff bribery or even murder.

This is a right wing daisy chain of fraud folks with many invisibe fascists from the Reagan-Bush era behind the scenes who haven't had so much fun or fraud or bloody murder since the 1980's. And W Bush could be compared favorably with General Armstrong Custer himself if Custer had been chikkkenshit enough to abandon his soldiers on the battlefield rather than die for his stupidity ignorance and arrogance alongside the soldiers he led into a trap. Or if Custer were implicated in massive political,oil or religious fraud of biblical proportions.

But of course W knew there were no 'WMDS' in Iraq and that U.N. inspectors could eat a leisurely breakfast in the old hotel in Baghdad with the now destroyed mosaic of George Herbert Walker Bush at the entrance to the lobby and then drive around Iraq all day any day for years looking for those elusive WMDS as safely as any Iraqi woman could walk arould the streets of Baghdad with no need to wear a chador in the Saddam regime.

Not to forget Saddam actually offered W to a personal duel between them that would have saved thousands of both Americans and Iraqis so much grief. But the war kkkoward W Bush would have no such thing.He felt that thousands of American and Iraqi lives could never equal his own miserable draft dodging coke snorting ex-alcholic's worth.

So W Bush sacrificed those of low income American soldiers and our National Guard who should have been at home protecting our shores as well as women who should not have been on a battlefield in the fiirst place and now he goes around Congress and the American people to make deal with United Arab Emirate Muslim fundamentalists to guard our ports,a job those dead soldiers and National Guard in Iraq should have been performing ! And here at home children grow up without mothers or fathers or with mothers and fathers crippled for life because W somehow thought Saddam had insulted
his scumbag petroleum trafficking daddy.

Besides Bush the war kkkkoward and alcoholic being aware in advance that there were no 'WMDS' in Iraq and that he was committing a world scale political and kkkriminal war fraud he has sunk the nation into debt for naught other than his greed and that of his far right petroleum trafficking mafia.

Jeb Bush should still have to answer for stealing the Florida election from African Americans and Jewish American voters who,if their votes had been fairly counted,would have both prevented this rise of the unstable and kkkriminal Busholini regime.

That thousands of American Jews in Florida voted for Pat Buchanan has never been explained or dealt with nor the thousands of black voters who were conveniently labeled felons etc. and denied the vote in a rigged election that would have made the old south White racist rulers before civil rights legislation jealous defies the imagination.

The fact that the American Jewish vote in Florida was stolen by the same old IBM punch card technology that was used by the Nazis to track persecute and perpetrate the Holocaust could almost make any real American ill to fathom the depths to which we have sunk in only a few years.

That in 2000 an army of white carpetbaggers could be flown in in mass from Washington D.C.,Texas or elsewhere by the Rupublikkkan Party to Florida to disrupt the vote recount and that a Supreme Court of 'justices' largely selected by the old Reagan and Papa Doc George Herbert Walker Bush Regime that would guarantee the hand picked selection of the court appointed W Bush is something we will have to live with for may years, barring a revolution, that brought the old business partners of Saddam back into power and who now contol America(or Amerikkka now),to justice.

No doubt many Iraqis, particularly women and Christians, must now look back on Saddam era with nostalgia Just as most Americans must feel by comparison that during the Clinton era they never had it so good.

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