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Jewish conspiracy in London

rampart / | 19.02.2006 21:52 | Culture | Free Spaces | London

From the 1890s until the First World War a group of renegade Jews were active in the heart of the Yiddish East End. The Jewish anarchists opposed hierarchy, imperialism and the state, and also defined themselves against the Jewish establishment, holding Yom Kippur balls, featuring pork, music and dancing. They even had their own newspaper the Arbeter Fraint, until the Jewish establishment closed it down. This radical tradition has remained dormant for almost one hundred years, as Anglo-Jewry has become increasingly suburban, conservative and dull. Until now.

Radical Jewish culture returns to the East End as The New Rabbis of Liberty head down to rampART, a squatted social centre in the heart of Whitechapel. Bringing on the spirit of Yiddish subversion with klezmer hip hop/drum n bass bands Ghettoplotz and Emunah; Radical Torah will be taught by a motley crew of Jewish renegades; films and art showcasing the best of revolutionary Diaspora culture; and djs spinning the speeches of Ariel Sharon.

Punkpurim is Jewish hipsterism meets Israeli hardcore metal meets UK anarchist collectives meets anti-nomian Chassidism. It reclaims the carnival heart of the Jewish festival of Purim. Think of it as the meeting of Walter Benjamin, Noam Chomsky and Barbara Streisand in a Brick Lane Bagel Bar. Think of it as the revenge of subversive diasporists everywhere.

Punkpurim is brought to you by: the focus point of radical Judaism in the UK and beyond. Promoting hemisiche culture on acid, jewdas whips up Talmud, satire, heresy and cream cheese into a chicken soup of underground Diaspora culture. Jewdas fully supports the Anglo Jewish establishment and would never criticise the state of Israel .

Heeb is a New York based Jewish Culture Magazine. It is the roiling product of so many drunken postmillennial nights on the mean streets of the Lower East Side . It is an ambitious antitrust investigation into the monopoly on God. It is a sweaty prizefight between hip hop and sushi in this corner and klezmer and kugel in the other. It is the bastard love child of Emma Goldman and Lenny Bruce. It is a plague on modern-day pharaohs replete with miraculous jailbreaks and a nice little riot or two. It is a Carnival cruise to the Garden of Eden with all-you-can-eat cheesecake and Parliament as the house band. Hallelujah.

What: jewdas and New York's Heeb Magazine present Punkpurim
Date: Saturday, March 18
Time: 9pm
Place: rampART , 15-17 Rampart Street , Whitechapel , E1 2LA
Cover: FREE
dresscode(optional): hassidic
Extras: DJs, bands, art, projections, food, drinking… you know

For more info, contact us at

Currently confirmed:
live music from Ghettoplotz and Emunah
poetry from angry sam, adam cohen
radical torah from Jeremy schonfield, simon eder
film curated by Charlie Phillips
VJ Miki Grahame (ghettoplotz)
slides curated by Sarah maxwell (heeb magazine)
Deconstructive megilla from florian

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