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Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | 18.02.2006 17:52 | Repression

storm of freedom

Warrant of Impeachment
George Walker Bush
President of the United States

We the people of the United States charge the President of the United States with following high crimes and Mistermoneaners.

1. That the President on September 12,2001 at the behest of Royal Saudi Family allowed members of the Bin Laden Family to leave the United States. Which in time of war would be consorting with the enemy

2. That the president of the United States sent combat troops in combat with Iraqi troops using false intelligence reports and lying to oversight committees of the house in senate he did violate the war powers act. Only the congress of the United States can declare war on a sovereign nation not the executive branch. And only the congress may authorize combat troop deployment.

3. Dereliction of duty,
The enemy was in Afghanistan not Iraq, he wasted troops and material in the wrong theater of operations and gave the enemies of the United States time to regroup and given the possibility to plan a counter attack. Misuse of men and material in a brush war, we did not need to start. Our war is and now is Afghanistan not Iraq and not for the reason he gave.

4. Lying to congress and senate intelligence committee on oversight,
the president did use defective and useless intelligence report from the National Security Agency which was then headed by Condoleezza Rice who is now secretary of state and the miss interpitation of Information by the Central intelligence agency of unverifiable intelligence which this administration. Passing the information on as verified. Knowing that all he had was some mustard gas and no real weapons of mass destruction. And he never had a connection with Elqaida in any form. He used lies deception and double talk to support his lies. He is supposed to be the leader of the free world. I however don’t see any leadership not from him or his father.

5. Misappropriation of funds of the people of The United States,
He did with malice give taxes cuts to friends in the upper class he allowed manufacturing corporations to move their operations over seas to South East Asia, the Middle East, Central America, cutting thousands of jobs displacing thousands of people from good paying jobs.

6. Incompetence of leadership and command,
He did make budgets that were harmful to Americans, by cuts in welfare, medical care, and food stamps lheap and so forth. He has moved to cut education so only the upper class may go school, he has allowed major imports of foreign goods without the thought of protecting business’s with in the United State and their patients and technology, he forgets who hired him it was not opec but he has forgotten and now must be reminded by removal from office.

7. Violation of the Rules of War
That United States military personal did violate the Geneva convention when concerning the treatment of enemy combatants in time war, which I remind the committee that was never declared. In any conflict if we want our soldiers, sailors, marines and Airmen treated humanly then we must obey the law of war which we ratified and signed. We are not above the law

8. Violation of Church and states,
As stated he did violate church and state in making decision concerning religion and the United States of America, two he did violate the civil rights of Gays, lesbian and Bi-sexual and transgender in supporting bigoted policies presented to the House and Senate denying civil rights to citizen on the basis of gender orientation. Example the defense of Marriage act and support for hate groups in the religious community. No leadership at the federal level, the state level, the country level and the town level have the right to sanction the privacy of the bedroom, or deny civl and just rights to fellow citizens of the United States

9. The Patriot Act
No government has the right to intrude on or deny the right of free speech to Americans of any race, culture, creed and religion, gender or gender orientation. This is not for use in time of war it is in use tp spy on and gathers evidence against opposition to a sitting government. We are not Nazi Germany, or Iran or Korea, or China, Saddams Iraq. We are the United States of America and we are not above the law.

Mr. Hastert, R, Illinois 14th - Speaker of the House
Mr. Michael Michaud, Maine 2nd
Mr. Thomas Allen, Maine 1st
Sen. Olympia Snow R, Maine
Sen. Susan Collins R, Maine
Sen. Frist, R Majority leader
Sen. Reid, D Minority Leader
Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D, 8th California-democratic minority leader
Congressmen John Boehner R, Ohio – Majority Leader

Dear Sirs and Madams:

I am writing to justice committee in reference to the President lack of true leadership of the United States of America and I charge him with the following and demand action to remove him from office and all those loyal to him. He forces bills down our throats that harm our people, looks the other way when big companies send jobs south of the border to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, china and so forth. He has committed combat troops into Iraq when he had no authorization only the Congress can declare war on Iraq. He did by use of designee lie to house and senate committee oversight on Intelligence and Government affairs, he has double talk and big words to explain his actions to the American People, I think you know were I am going. If you use big words and other lies you can get your lie past the Press and fool on the street. His domestic agenda is a travesty for the poor, low income and low middle class and the elderly and disabled a sweetheart deal for his moneymen and his friends in the upper class of the United States.

His foreign policy is what I scrap of my shoe, he likes to play with guns, but he is playing with lives the live of our children. You know who dies in war; it’s not the upper class or the rich. It’s us poor dumb bastards who can’t afford to go to school because he cut education into shreds, next will be welfare, food stamps, and medical care for the poor and low income. I get 600.00 per month on disability and 55.00 on food stamps and 10.00 from the state, by the time I pay my phone, power, heat, and gas for the car, and maintenance on the car, car insurance and the list goes on and on. So after that I have 55.00 in food stamps and the 10.00 to buy food which is so dame expensive that I buy only 10 loafs of bread, 2 buckets of butter and a block of cheese, coffee, creamer you know the drill and the price goes up and up, milk is 3.00 a gallon. Meaning no disrespect Mr. Kerry you did not have a battle plan neither does this jerk. He wants all the candy in the candy store and wants to play war. He has also denied front line medications and medical care to those who need it and oil assistance which he has cut to shreds.

Get someone in the office that has a battle plan to help our people basically stop screwing around like a bunch of kids having a playground fight. Restore education funding to full, restore food stamps to full, restore mental health facilities to full operations use my suggestion the death mute in the white house won’t look at. I do affix my name to this document. I by law charge the President of the United State with dereliction of duty, incompetence of leadership, misappropriations funds, consorting with the enemies of the United States. He shows no leadership, block research of medical, fuel and power. He claims that he speaks for all the people of the United States, he does not speak I make these charges with a heavy heart, but I have to, to save my country from a foolish idiot who thinks he is a president and a smart man my fracking Aunt caddies jack ass

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)
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