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A thousand reasons to keep fighting! - Solidarity with Ruben and Ignasi

friends of ignasi and ruben | 18.02.2006 02:54 | Repression | Social Struggles | World


Solidarity with Ruben and Ignasi. Free anarchist prisoners!

We suffered yet another repressive act. Our comrades Ruben and Ignasi were kidnapped during the morning of february 9th by catalan police “mossos d’esquadra” and court number 13 of Barcelona. They’re accused of two sabotage actions (one against CIRE, which is the public enterprise that controls work inside prison, and the other one Banco Sabadell, one of the accusation enterprises against Sergio L.D., the only remaining person facing trials for riots on the EU meeting in 2002 in Barcelona) and also referred as being part of anti-prison and prisoner support groups. Their solidarity and political activism outside the boundaries of the pseudo-fights allowed and enforced by democracy have fallen under the repressive set of laws (“zero tolerance” some politicians ask) that is trying to turn Barcelona into a new kind of fascist city with a progressive face.

Now Ruben is held at Can Brians (DIRECCION) and Ignasi at Quatre Camins. These first days are tough because it’s extremely difficult to get to know some information of where they are or how they feel. This is taking lots of time and energy (guess that’s precisely the point of bureaucracy!), but we feel it’s important that they know (and that we ourselves know) that we’re still here, that life goes on and so does our libertarian fight!

Solidarity is needed from any people that feel the slightest need to face this repressive society which leads us to extreme and emergency situations. Marginality is not our home, it pretends to be our prison. What is really ours is the social feeling that leads us to fight and live our lives as freedom expansions towards all social environments. We cannot think of our comrade’s kidnapping without thinking of all the abuses society is suffering and/or enforcing.

The judge is made look as an honorable and respectable person that carries an important social task. Police, nicely provocative and violent is seen as protector of security and freedom. Abuses of immigrants are seen as something necessary to maintain social peace. Destruction of the earth, of the neighborhoods, of our living places and our own liberated spaces... is justified in the name of progress and social welfare.

Meanwhile they hide the economic benefits of banks, building estates and political parasites. “Worker’s regulations” and ongoing worsening of their rights PRECARIZES labour’s conditions, squeezing restlessly all those people who have to work in order to survive. Banks announcement of their highest benefits ever last year are due to this exploitations and the huge debts acquired by lots of people trapped into a society based on cosumerism and private property. ORDENANZA CIVICA, which is publicised as ideal ways of social behavior is simply about more control, more repression and more isolation against those people that, due to their vulnerability, are easily pointed at and abused by state’s institutions; the same is done to political dissidence that don’t have access to (or don’t want to be at) the “show windows” of what is becoming a huge “city of design”

The increasing numbers of police forces is an answer to the distrust of those in power towards society as a whole; they know what they’re doing is absolutely unjust, but they also know they have lots of reasons to do that: their wealth and privileges are to be maintained at any cost. They know that.

Ruben and Ignasi are not alone in prison, we’re not alone in marginality, those imprisoned at the riots of Sant Pere Mes Baix street are not alone, neither the anarchists arrested in September 2003 that will face very long sentences, neither any person isolated at police stations, the immigrants, the people from the hoods will not be left alone...cause here we are, here we have a thousand reasons to keep fighting.



International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
IBAN ES33 0182-4209-47-0201518073


friends of ignasi and ruben


Wrong IBAN codes!!!!!

02.03.2006 22:05

Hello everyone!

Ruben and Ignasi (9-f anarchist prisoners from Barcelona) bank codes:

Due to a problem with the bank, we were given a bad IBAN (International Bank Account Number),
which, together with BIC (Bank International Codes), are necessary to transfer money.

In some mails and texts we sent, such as "A thousand reasons to keep fighting" the code started
with ES33, but the good one starts with ES52 !!!

So, the codes you need to transfer money in solidarity with Ignasi and Ruben, are as follows:

ES52 0182-4209-47-0201518073


We ask you to try to spread the good codes everywhere you can: editing webpages with the
old wrong number and putting in the new one, spreading this mail to your contacts and e-mail
lists... Also, if you see a web page containing the wrong number, let us know so we can contact
them and explain the situation.

We're very sorry for any incovenience and problems this problem has caused.