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Chickenshit BPP Deny Being Anti-Jewish!

Auntie | 17.02.2006 19:37

Caught between their hardline Nazi beliefs and trying to convince the Electoral Commission that they are a 'respectable' party, the fascist BPP's 'dynamic duo' are now claiming they are not anti-jewish!

In the latest disaster to befall the ailing British People's Party, the Leed-based Nazis have sunk to an all-time low in terms of sheer hypocracy. BPP activists recently distributed leaflets against a proposed Jewish school in Manchester (see article below), but after the shit hit the fan, the bold Nazis suddenly began abandoning their supposed 'sworn beliefs' and blaming the leaflets on 'communists'. Veteran fascist Eddy Morrisson, whose personal 'Aryan Unity' site has Mein Kampf as it's first sub-heading, and who has always been obsessed with Hitler, is now claiming he is not anti-Jewish! This is astonishing! Kevin Watmough, the BPP's National Secretary, who runs the swastike bedecked 'Blood and Honour' site, as well as 'Redwatch', says that he has "nothing against jews personally", and incredibly blames antifascists for the leaflets! The Jewish Telegraph would do well to check out the personal history of these two Nazi bufoons and the sites under BPP control, including the UK section of VNN - motto: 'No Jews. Just News'. Having spent the past 5 years slagging off the BNP for attempting to conceal their true fascist politics, Morrison and Watmough must be looking very stupid in the eyes of the hardline Nazis they have been trying to recruit into the BPP. Morrison is just as much a chancer as Griffin, unfortunately for him, he's also an incompetent drunk, who, along with his pitiful Nazi sect, has been left looking stupid yet again


Jewish Telegraph

RACISTS have launched a vicious antisemitic campaign to block King David schools' £15 million relocation plans.

Leaflets have been distributed to homes surrounding the proposed site calling for "No Jew school in Heaton Park".

The leaflet claims to have been produced by the British People's Party, whose branding and London address feature prominently.

The self-proclaimed white nationalists call the Holocaust "much-doubted" on their website.

The apparent intervention of far-right activists comes as Manchester City Council's plan to move KD's nursery, infant and junior schools from their present Crumpsall site to Heaton Park goes to public consultation.

Leaflets dropped through letterboxes in Sheepfoot Lane, Prestwich, last Thursday.

The slogan "Supporting the Campaign to Defend our English Park" appears beneath a man holding a Union Jack.

Police have launched a thorough investigation into the leaflet's potential to incite racial hatred.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "We will not tolerate any acts of racial discrimination and are committed to working with local communities to tackle any issues that may arise."

Sheepfoot Lane resident Liz Travis said it was "very disturbing and not pleasant" to receive the literature.

Alex Warrents, 18, who lives on the same road, said it was a shame that the BPP had to resort to such measures.

The Manchester Grammar School pupil said his mother showed him a copy of the leaflet.

"I don't think these people object to a school being built, but they object to a Jewish school being built because they're antisemites," Alex said.

He added: "I've no objection to the school whatsoever.

"I think it will be good for the Jewish community."

Alex added that a police officer had called round to talk to the family about the leaflet.

Community Security Trust officials, who are working with GMP, added: "These leaflets have caused great distress to many people."

But officials from the BPP insisted they had no knowledge of the antisemitic campaign.

National organiser Edmund Morrison told the Jewish Telegraph: "We do not endorse it and we utterly condemn it. We are not anti-Jewish."

Mr Morrison added that the BPP leadership must approve any official material while claiming that communists could have produced them in a sabotage bid. National secretary Kevin Watmough blamed anti-fascist groups for planting the leaflets.

"I've nothing against Jews personally," he said. "It's that I think you're a bunch of hypocrites.

"You're always going on about how your race needs defending, how you don't want Jews marrying out. Yet we say the same thing and we're a bunch of Nazis."

Policy 23 on the BPP's list of objectives is: "Complete opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel as weapons of the New World Order."

And an article by "spiritual leader" John Tyndall, "Why we don't need Jewish candidates", is flagged up on the BPP website.

Julia Kennedy, who is leading opposition to KD's move through the Heaton Park Action Group, is concerned that the BPP leaflets may have harmed their campaign.

She maintained that her grievances have nothing to do with religion - they are just aimed at protecting the park.

"We're totally supportive of the need to move, but just not to Heaton Park," she said.

Sir Howard Bernstein, chief executive of Manchester City Council, declared the leaflets to be "completely outrageous".

He said that he had been shown a copy and had sent it to the police.

Sir Howard added: "I just cannot understand why somebody would do this. It's totally racist."

Joshua Rowe, King David High School chairman of governors, said the leaflets were appalling.

Mr Rowe added: "It's a reflection of the blatant antisemitism that's alive and well on the streets of our community."

But he claimed that the racism will improve the chances of the building going ahead.

"People may be scared to oppose the move as they may not want to be associated with racism," he explained.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 0161-872 5050



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17.02.2006 19:45

Could someone re-post this on the Leeds-Bradford site?

Leeds red

hidden threads

17.02.2006 21:37

how come anything about the bpp/nazi loons gets hidden/closed..I must admit all that talk about dirty vids is making me scared...there is a very strong rumour that white/collett etc didnt fall out over a mucky vid starring whites wife ,but it was the one where the wnp dressed up as the kkk and kangeroo courted mark collett..thus him joining the bnp for protecttion,remember folks that ayoung collett initially hung around with leeds/pudey nf before trying it on with carol white ,and facing the wrath of big tony ..our mole at the time said collett blubbered like a wee baby.....

concerned of gipton


17.02.2006 23:40

Maybe better to hide the comments rather than the threads Indymedia since it's far too easy for fascist trolls to get the latter closed down at present?


Oh fuck

17.02.2006 23:44

Oh fuck, this thread has just been 'hidden'. Come on Indymedia, you're letting antifascist posts be derailed by fascist trolls.

Red N Black

Come on Indymedia

18.02.2006 00:05

Come on Indymedia, you're letting the fascists walk all over you (us) here. It seems all they need to do to get a thread closed down is whine a bit about their non-existant lawyers or post pornography. Show a bit of intelligence and backbone for fuck's sake.

Red N Black