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Events@ THE SQUARE - Occupied Social Centre // Central London

15.02.2006 22:32 | Free Spaces | London

EVENTS @ THE SQUARE Occupied social/political centre // 21 Russell Square, London WC1H

[FEB 14th - 21st]

24/25/26 FEB :: LIVE! @ THE SQUARE
24/25/26 FEB :: LIVE! @ THE SQUARE

EVENTS @ THE SQUARE Occupied social/political centre // 21 Russell Square, London WC1H

Dir: Located at the North East Side of Russell Square.
Transport by bus: 168, 68, 59, 253, 30, 73...
Transport by tube: RUssell Sq (2mins walk) Euston Station (5mins walk) Goodge
Street (10 mins walk)

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FEBRUARY 14th - 21st

>>TUESDAY 14th

7pm - 10pm MEETING: WOMBLES - "Solidarity Collective & workers Autonomy"

Introduction to the Solidarity Collective. Previous attempts of support workers struggles. Why support workers struggles. Projecting an autonomous character on to resistance at work. Work is the domination of all life and cannot be ignored. Possible development in the collective - creating radical open identities for which to create conflicts, Euromayday and beyond. General discussion on work place autonomous resistance.


12pm - 3pm SOCIAL: Coffee Bar/Infoshop

6.30pm MEETING: Campaign Against the Arms Trade Students meeting

8pm - 10pm MEETING: Feminist Discussion/Action Group

7pm - 10pm FILM: Grapes of Wrath (Dir: John Ford, 1940,
128 min)

Oklahoma in the Thirties is a dustbowl and dispossessed farmers migrate westward to California. After terrible trials en route they become little more than slave labour. Among the throng are the Joads who refuse to knuckle under.


In a world where exploitation is called freedom, collective presence is called antisocial behavior, alienation is called entertainment and repression is called security; Films can only be an opportunity to get together and start self-organizing our free time, our entertainment, our lives outside and against the realms of consumption, commercialization and alienating spectacles.


12pm - 3pm SOCIAL: Coffee Bar/Infoshop

5pm - 6.30pm WORKSHOP: Capoeira, dance & Stretch

7pm - 10pm MEETING: Detainee Support Group (NO BORDERS)

>>FRIDAY 17th

12pm - 3pm SOCIAL: Coffee Bar/Infoshop


12pm WORKSHOP: Spanish Class (free to learn!)

4pm - 9pm FILM: Bolivia is NOT for Sale (followed by
talk and discussion)

>>SUNDAY 19th

11am - 4.30pm EVENT/WORKSHOP: Healing Day feat. Yoga/Rieki

>>MONDAY 20th

7pm - 9pm [General Assembly of Social Centre]

>>TUESDAY 21st

12pm - 3pm SOCIAL: Coffee Bar/Infoshop

7pm - 10pm MEETING: WOMBLES - "Iran/Iraq - What Next?"


@ THE SQUARE Occupied Social Centre,21 Russell Square, London WC1

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also on Saturday at 1.30pm

16.02.2006 01:33

Also, now, on Saturday at 1.30pm:

Introduction to the Killer Coke Campaign & Colombian Workers' Solidarity

Talks by Ray Rogers, Director, Campaign to Stop Killer Coke


Andy Higginbottom, Colombia Solidarity Campaign

plus short film

Coca-Cola is one of the world's most powerful and profitable corporations.
Yet, despite repeated pleas for help, the corporation has not found the time
or resources to insure the most basic safety of its workers or prevent
massive environmental devastation in the communities where it does business.

Coca Cola in Colombia. SINALTRAINAL, the trade union that represents Coke
workers in Colombia, have suffered the assassination of 8 of their leaders,
killed by paramilitaries allegedly hired by Coca Cola management. The union
has also witnessed the imprisonment, forced displacement, torture and death
threats against hundreds of workers at Coca Cola bottling plants throughout
the country.

Cola in India stands accused of draining and poisoning the water people need
to survive. In Plachimada in Kerala, local people have held a 24 hour vigil
since April 2001 outside a bottling factory which siphons off 1.5 million
litres every day. Without water for their crops, thousands of poor farmers
have lost their livelihood.

Coca-Cola in Turkey fired 105 workers in May 2005. The day before Coca-Cola
officials told workers that "if you don't quit the union, I will end your
contract." On July 20th, while a sacked worker representative attempted to
reach a temporary resolution, Turkish riot police brutally beat up roughly
150 workers and their families with clubs. This occured inside the Coca-Cola
compound and with the approval of Coke officials.

In the US: 20 universities and colleges have already boycotted Coke products
including New York, Michigan and Rutgers. A massive campaign is building up.
The Teamsters, the largest Coke union in the world, supports the campaign.
This support was reaffirmed in January 2006.

The Campaign in the UK: This year the contracts that UK students have
collectively with Coca Cola are up for renewal. Its failure to address human
rights and environmental concerns leads us to believe that the only
incentive for Coca-Cola to change its behavior and act in good faith towards
those affected is through us ending our student union contracts with them.

Colombian Solidarity Campaign