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Celebrate for Prestes Maia!

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Prestes Maia Stays!!!

Yes, we've heard so excellent news from Brazil...

"thanks to you all who are showing solidarity with us here in brasil. I am from indymedia brasil and we, together with many others, are resisting with the families!! I do have a great news about it!! The families got 2 more months, so the eviction wont happen this week." - toya, Indymedia Brazil

Brilliant, but the battle to save Prestes Maia is not over yet. In two months time they will move to evict again if political pressure isn't applied. So please come to the demo tomorrow if you can to celebrate the news, show global solidarity and add to apply pressure to ensure that this postponement becomes permanent!

1pm Thursday 16th, outside Brazilian Embassy,+UK&radius=0.0&cid=51500197,-126197,5716811906749722123&li=lmd&z=14&t=m

"We still need to make pressure on the city hall government to re-appropriate the building! the owner owns 5 million reais in taxes and in Brazil's constitution this is the case for disapropriation and to use the building to make house for the people! "

"But our mayor is from the right wing party psdb and his government has a very heavy exclussion policy, where they are taking all the poor ppl out from downtown so they can make it a place like downtown of paris, london, and many other cities in the world that has soffered this type of gentrification process.! "

"We must create pressure on them! even the UN (who i personally dont give that much credit for their actions around the world) came to brasil and put in their report the suggestion for the local government to do that.
Have a great luck on the action tomorrow and please post on IMC Brasil the results. I will look for it and I can translate it to portuguese. "

"always in solidarity "

1pm Thursday 16th, outside Brazilian Embassy,+UK&radius=0.0&cid=51500197,-126197,5716811906749722123&li=lmd&z=14&t=m

ART / squatters of the world unite
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the assembly at prestes maia basement

15.02.2006 18:43

the assembleia
the assembleia

photo took by cellphone



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More info

15.02.2006 18:01

Prestes 911 was given the news of that the eviction announced to happen between 15th and 21st of February had been postponed.

About 200 people had congregated at Prestes Maia in the night of yesterday (13/02). The eviction was marked to happen any time after the 15th February. It was an anxious wait for them waiting for the news and information. The assembly came back and began by reading of a letter denouncing the eviction. After the reading, by the movement MSTC, it gave the news of that repossession of ownership had been postponed for indeterminate stated period.

Celebration was great and the families, moved, thanked the support of the groups, individuos, lawyers etc, who had helped during these days. They remembered that the fight continues, that is a positive victory, but that the fight for housing still continues and that it is still necessary to guarantee that the 468 families obtain worthy housing.

(Disclaimer: Very bad translation from Portuguese by Ben with the help of his friend Google)


the assembly at prestes maia basement

15.02.2006 18:40

photo took with a cellphone



15.02.2006 21:53

"Zumbi* are we" *Zumbi: black brasilian leader who fighted against the slavery
"Zumbi* are we" *Zumbi: black brasilian leader who fighted against the slavery

Brazilian Riot Police the most violent of the world... without identification
Brazilian Riot Police the most violent of the world... without identification

Viva!!! i´m very thankful for your support and preocupation ( not only me but a lot of friends here are very thankful by your help )!!! i don´t live in Okupação Prestes Maia but i think in all the people who lives in there... and i think they have right to live in a building that it was abandoned for years... so VIVA!!!
--->information(in portuguese)and pictures of a cultural intervention in Prestes Maia
"Okupa, Okupa, Okupa e Resiste!"
Sorry for my bad english...
"Brasil campeão mundial da bandalheira

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More detail

16.02.2006 10:48

It was what it assured the coordination of the MSTC to the inhabitants of the building, in assembly yesterday to the night. Between applauses, the coordinators had assured that they had obtained an extra stated period of 2 months for the eviction. As he informed councilman Sônia Francine, of the PT, in meeting with the leaders of the MSTC yesterday to the afternoon, the city hall extended the stated period to give habitacional attendance - stock market-rent, social location and other projects - for the families. The suspension of the reintegration was confirmed by the command of 1º battalion, responsible for the action.

In the last week, the MSTC has participated of meeting with parliamentarians responsible for the urban reform proposal for the Statute of the City. They had obtained, among others things, that the councilman João Antonio, of the PT, if finds with the proprietor of the building, Mr. Jorge Hamuche, to argue the possibility of dispossession of Mayan Prestes. According to Jomarina Fonseca, the national secretary of habitation of the Ministry of the Cities, Ines Magalhães, will tomorrow come of Brasilia for a meeting with the movement and the responsible levels of government - city hall and state. In the guideline, one amends budgetary that it would make possible the dispossession of the building. The regional solicitor of the rights of the citizen of the Federal Public prosecution service, Sergio Suyama, also goes to participate of the meeting. "We go to try to negotiate direct with the Hamuche, to see if it obtains to give more stated period in the reintegration to give time to make the dispossession", says Jomarina.

Because of the pressure, yesterday, 14, three families had day left the building with all its belongings. In the assembly, the inhabitants had voted that who left could not more return. Another notice that threatens to divide the inhabitants is that, same with the new stated period, some intend to ask for the mount of money of 5 a thousand Reals offered by the Dra Mabel, of the State Public prosecution service."

Exactly thus, the climate is of party in Prestes Maia. The assembly, that congregated 200 people more than, finished late of the night in way to much emotion and, finally, tranquillity.

(Badly translated from Prestes Maia blog