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Mayday, Has Brown Backed Down?

riot act | 15.02.2006 12:35 | Mayday 2006

Earlier in the year Gordon Brown floated the idea of holding a 'national day' of silly patriotism on the Mayday bank holiday, traditionally a day for merriment, marches, actions and general anti-state malarky.

Originally announced to the Fabian Society Brownite lackys were then dispatched to the Sunday political programmes extolling the virtues of this daft plot.

Immediately derided by the void and others it now seems that Brown has taken our advice and dropped the whole nonsensical affair.

Quick as a flash though, new PM Brown has now come up with the equally pointless idea of a veteran's day to mark the contribution of British Service men and women to the countless pointless wars in the UK's history.

"Far from failing to teach history on these great struggles, we must do more to remember them so that they will never be forgotten."

Perhaps like teaching how an aristocratic spat led to tens of thousands of young men being butchered across Europe, the British innovation of concentration camps and carpet bombing or perhaps the ultimate final solution of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"And as well as teaching them about the great wars I propose that we ask young people to play a leading role in future Veterans' Day celebrations."

As presumably Brown and his ilk will be asking young people to play a leading role in any future 'great' wars.

any attempt to educate young people about the tyranny of all government throughout their brutal histories is to be welcomed, but we suspect this will be a day of flag waving nationlistic fever undercut by a nasty tinge of anti German/Japanese/Muslim/French (delete according to personal prejudices) feeling.

Conveniently forgetting that only a handful of first world war veterans remain ('don't die before next year' Brown pleads) and those from the second are unlikely to be able to afford a trip to London twice in one year on current pensions(we already have Rememberence Day ... and VE Day ...and VJ Day, and D Day) we wondor really ...

whats the point Gord'?

Certainly ain't another public holiday, cabinet sources have already declared that this day is likely to happen over the weekend, leaving an underwhlemed public thinking great, yet more deadly dull TV about a war won by Russia over 60 years ago.

Give it a rest eh..

riot act
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