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movie of saturday's 'operation-infinite-love' event at picadilly circus

rikki | 13.02.2006 16:39 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Ecology | London

if you can't see this mp4 format movie then download it to your computer and try watching it with VideoLan VLC player, available free on the net for all operating systems. VLC lets you see most formats without messing about with codecs and all that, so is well worth downloading.

several hundred people joined hands around eros at picadilly circus on saturday to celebrate love in a non-commercial yearly event hosted by 'venus' (the goddess of love).

this film is only 5.5 Mb, is 7 minutes long, and gives a flavour of the wonderful event that it was.

if you have trouble viewing it, download it and open it with the free VideoLan VLC player available on the internet for all operation systems.



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