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more news re: worldwide week of candlelit sunset vigils 11- 18 march

x legion * | 13.02.2006 15:42 | Culture | Education | World

extra information, background, support, following up the previous post "re: war/peace; 11 - 18 march . . . . ideas to spread" and comments received via internet + other, here's....

(the gist of the idea is explained in brief in the original post + comments) : the long week leading up to the 18 march global day of action for peace
:anybody/everybody. . . . given the circ's the "coalition of sentience" idea has growing resonance
:local, regional, national - or at churches, synagogues, mosques, etc, village halls, common ground or all .... uniting
:yes, the "perhaps we could re-spray a U2 plane - change the message, fly it low" .... idea is ace

x legion *


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