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George Galloway MP challenges Crossrail promoters over Tower Hamlets Council

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At the weekend Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway issued a clearest possible challenge to that Council: that it is that Council that has created the Crossrail attack on the propel of the East End borough and if at the May 2006 elections the RESPECT coalition gain control of that Council, they will create the most difficult obstruction to defeat the Crossrail programme of attacks on the people.

George Galloway MP tells Blaired Tower Hamlets Council: If RESPECT win the May 2006 local election then they will turn that Council into the biggest spanner possible which will be put in the works to stop Crossrail.

The declaration came as George Galloway delivered the closing speech at the special STOP the CROSSRAIL hole meeting he jointly sponsored at the Brady Centre in Hanbury Street in London’s Brick Lane E1 area.

That was the second meeting held in the same building in less than a month.
The well-attended meeting against Crossrail hole Bill cheered George Galloway as he listed his own pledge and the pledge on behalf of the RESPECT coalition which he leads.

Monday: Local community issue ultimatum to Tony Blair over Crossrail hole Bill attack on the Brick Lane London E1 area.

Khoodeelaar! The Brick Lane London E1 area campaign against the Crossrail hole is calling on UK Premier Tony Blair to free the local Tower Hamlets Council from the control of central govt bureaucrats who have been running Tower Hamlets Council agenda fore the past few years.

The call is contained in the latest ELECTION MANIFESTO published by KHOODEELAAR THE Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole.

[Texts can be viewed on the khoodeelaar dot com website from 1100 HRS GMT Monday 13 February 2006]

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