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Only official dissent allowed - this is a democracy!

neil | 11.02.2006 11:57 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Protests against the publication of so-called blasphemous cartoons will take place in London today. For some the issue is about responsibility and for others it is about free speech....

After demonstration last week outside parliament when some people attracted the attention of the worlds media due to their threatening placards, Ken Livingston is keen to ensure that todays march goes off without incident.

The London Mayor warned that a 'subversive element' might try to take part in the rally. "There is, as we have known for years, a small number of people who have one foot in a football club and the other in the BNP."

"These people are known by the police and they will make sure that any attempt to disrupt this demonstration will be dealt with."

A spokeswoman for Scotland Yard said: "Our overall aim will be to work in partnership with the event stewards to ensure that the event is safe for those attending.

Okay, fair enough. Makes sense to try to keep the BNP away from the march. However, according to reports in the mainstream, all banners will be checked and only official ones will be allowed.

Now what the hell does that mean? You can't hold a placard that doesn't carry the logo of one the organising groups? What happened to free speech?