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Video - hacklab, open source and free radio

rampART | 11.02.2006 06:10 | Culture | Free Spaces | Indymedia | London

Here are two videos which we don't think ever got uploaded and we are doing so now for the sake of ensuring that we document and archive as much of our collective history as possible.

These are both short videos made at the rampART social centre.

One is about the rampART Creative Media Lab and was made entirely using open source software.

The other is about the rampART radio project and was made during a workshop on video activism.

Both films have been screened occasionally at events themed around social centres and squats. Screening quality versions are available from Real2Reel or may be downloaded from

Another video from the early days of the rampART can be found here

A film covering the entire history of the rampART is being put together. If you have video footage or digital photos of events at the rampART, please email



How about these?

12.02.2006 01:56

These two are in H264, a MP4 variant (I think it's used for high def TV) with MP3 audio.

They are really small but great quality.

(fuck knows why this article got promoted, I only posted it for posterity's sake. Nothing else I posts gets promoted even when I spend hours researching and writing)

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