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Upcoming events at EDO MBM

Smashey and Nicey | 10.02.2006 20:35 | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

Loads of stuff coming up at EDO - we're winning, lets not let up...

14th February
Naming the Dead

We will be up at EDO MBM naming some of the dead from the illegal attack on Iraq - bring bells to toll for each lost life as we remind EDO that such killings would be impossible without all the people 'just doing their jobs' that make it possible for the person pulling the trigger to do theirs.

23rd February
Public Meeting: Defending the Right to Protest

Maya Evans, convicted under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) for reading the names of British war dead at the Cenotaph will be speaking on the erosion of the freedom to protest (see Indymedia on Maya Evans). There will also be speakers from Smash EDO and No2ID. 7pm at the Friends Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton.

1st March
Injunction Victory Demo

Come and join us from 4-6pm for the first big post-injunction demonstration up at EDO. Bring soundsystems, drums, joy and anger. We're winning - lets keep the pressure on to make sure war crimes don't pay. Meet at the junction of Home Farm Rd and Lewes Rd, just north of the viaduct (see map). WE WILL BE HERE TIL EDO ISNT! back to top

21st March
Citizens Weapons Inspection

The return of the CIA! Citizens Inspection Agency that is. After the collapse of the case against the three weapons inspectors arrested last year (see here), we're heading back up for another attempt (4pm). EDO's non-compliance with the inspections regime, history of proliferating weapons of State terror, contempt for international law and civil rights is of deep concern to the Agency. We remind EDO MBM of their obligations to international law under the Nuremburg protocols and subsequant laws. Continued non-compliance will be reffered to the public for enforcement, as stipulated therin.

Smashey and Nicey


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