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Zanon speaking tour, Wed 15th Feb

a! | 07.02.2006 18:22 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Cambridge

As part of the first Students Against Sweatshops campus-wide week of Action, Jose Julian Pununari from the occupied Argentinean Zanon factory is visiting the UK on a speaker tour. He is coming to Cambridge on Wednesday February 15 -- 12.30pm

At the Bramwell lounge at the University Sports and Social Centre on Mill Lane, Cambridge CN2 1RX
Map at

We hope that food will be available.

The Zanon tile factory in Neuquen is one of many 'recovered' factories in Argentina -- factories taken over and run by the workers.

Faced first with pay cuts and redundancies -- and then no pay at all -- the Zanon workers occupied and began to run the factory. They are coming to Britain to discuss their experience with activists here.

The factory has been occupied and running as a workers' co-operative since 2001. For a full-length briefing see:

A poster is available for download at: - please print off a few copies and put them up!