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We get the message...!

Hermit | 07.02.2006 15:15 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism

The demonisation of Islam has reached fever pitch in the UK

The BBC should be renamed the IPA – Islamophobic Propaganda Agency – as the daily news is focused on Muslim matters, to the exclusion of all else, and always reported in a negative way.

Alleged terror attacks, violence in Iraq, tragedy at the Hajj, anger over sunken ferry, the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the conviction of Abu Hamza, cartoon protests, Afghan heroin poppies, Osama bin Laden tapes, Iran’s nuclear program and on and on…24/7.

Give it a rest!!

We get the message... you want us all to join the crusade against Islam and open the gates of Hell in the Middle East.

Now, let’s discuss something else, like Bougainville, East of Papua?



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Solidarity South Pacific

07.02.2006 15:35

An anarchist once berated my interest in Bougainville as 'it was a middle class revolution'. I laughed, it was a peasant revolt armed with spears and arrows against ruthless corporate exploitation, but I was told 'only middle classs people are interested in it because it was on the TV'. I hadn't had a TV for almost a decade back then, and I'm hardly middleclass.


Truth and Reconciliation

07.02.2006 15:46

Due to unforseen circumstances, there was no 777 Memorial Service this
morning as planned. Therefore, we have decided instead to hold it this evening,
before which a communique requesting a 77 Enquiry [see below] will be
read out and delivered to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The communique will be read out at 6.45pm, and the service will begin
15 minutes later outside Downing Street or Number 10.

The service will be completely non-denominational, and mainly in
silence. We will stand together for 7 minutes, from 7pm before ringing
56 [8x7] Tibetan bells of peace [at 7.07pm].

So, please come along to show your support, either to take part in the
service directly or as a witness to the unfolding events.

Assemble at 6.30pm if you wish to add your signature to the
Communique, or at 7pm to catch the service.

To: The Prime Minister
From: Some People

Regarding: Truth and Reconciliation

Prime Minister,

Today it is exactly 15 years since the IRA shelled 10 Downing Street,
in order to get publicity for their cause. It is also the 7month
anniversary of the London bombing, and we are marking this by holding
a service of remembrance outside or near your home, at 7pm, to which
you are invited. We are doing this because we believe that there is a
connection between 77 and the actions of your administration and we
think it is important that you come clean about this. Why? Because it
is not to condone violence to recognise that legitimate grievances can
be a driver of the most heinous actions.

In order for there to be peace, these grievances must be explored and
properly addressed in the public sphere. It is not a sign of weakness
but strength to admit openly that the war on terror is not working,
and people should know that you recognise that the way you and other
world leaders have been dealing with the global crisis is mistaken,
that it tends to decrease rather than increase national security. It
is a sign of honesty and courage, and it is therefore helpful. I call
on you to today publicly confess these things.

Until there is an effective reconciliation process, in the public
sphere and with full participation, there will be no chance of
understanding 77 or 911, and therefore no justice and no peace.
Understanding justice and peace can only be achieved through a process
of dialogue, and never through wars between states.

We therefore call upon you to speak openly about these things, and to
instigate an open-ended public enquiry into the legitimate grievances
and the wider context of the bombing of 77.

Signed: [ ]

Mark and Prasanth

- Homepage:

Dreadfully Islamophobic

07.02.2006 15:57

to comment on the deaths of a thousand peopple in a ferry accident. No, let's forget it happened if it happened in an Islamic country.