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Arts Picture House threatened by Wetherspoons

picture goer | 02.02.2006 23:43 | Culture | Cambridge

Wetherspoons on Regent Street (Cambridge) is applying for a music license so it can turn into a Lloyds bar, which will render one auditorium in the arts cinema unusable. The arts cinema shows lefty stuff occasionally and lets groups put on their own films at certain times, and is generally a better thing than a bigger chain pumping out horror.

Objections can be placed before tomorrow (Friday) by emailing .

The Picture House say

"The Arts Picturehouse is currently under serious threat from planned licensing changes to The Regal pub situated below us.

"Changes to the pub's licence would mean live and recorded music playing in the pub, which will be heard in one of our auditoriums - whilst you are trying to watch a movie.

"We urge any patrons who feel the same way as we do to join us in our fight by objecting to any licence changes. You can register your complaint directly at the council by writing to:

"Any complaints need to be made by Friday 3rd February 2006.

"For further information you can contact us directly via or by calling the Picturehouse management on 01223 50 44 44. "


The licence application is for live and recorded music from 7 am to 4 am.

"The Regal is going to become a "Lloyds". For those unaware, a "Lloyds" is like "The Regal" with flashy lights, loud music (i.e RnB) and DJ. (This in effect, combined with the change in license, will make it one of the largest nightclubs on the UK. Certain large clubs are, naturally, bricking it.)

"They've already had the dancefloor installed and already began playing music until a friendly licensing officer informed them they don't have the license, hence the application.

"A fucking huge nightclub playing RnB every night all week while a DJ mouths off over the top is *exactly* what historic Regent Street needs if you ask me..."

Source of this, discussion and model letters, see

If you want to be angry, try the feedback form at and ask what the hell they're doing.

picture goer


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