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Hundreth Iraq death prompts protest call

Forward | 31.01.2006 10:28 | Anti-militarism

An immediate stop the war protest has been called following a hundreth British soldier being killed in Iraq.

Yesterday (Monday, 30 January) the 99th British soldier was killed in Iraq, and today (Tuesday, 31 January) the 100th was killed. Both were part of the 7th Armoured Brigade. Their names have not yet been announced.

The Stop the War Coalition nationally has called for a wave of 100 protests across the country if they let the death toll reach 100.

We have contacted the Stop the War National Office, and they are calling the wave of 100 protests for tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

Please go to the Market Square after work (5:30pm - 6:30pm) on Wednesday, 1 February. You can also check, or get more information by calling or texting John on 07739 712 432.

We will have coffin shaped placards with the names of all 100 dead soldiers. We already know the names of 98; we are waiting to hear who the last two were.

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