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Reed Elsevier & Climate Camp for Action meetings in Oxford

Oxford Autonomous Action | 26.01.2006 14:09 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Oxford

There is going to be two meetings next Tuesday, 31st Jan regarding upcoming potential campaigns & actions. Both will take place in the Oxford Action Resource Centre (OARC), Room 1, East Oxford Community Centre.

The first is at 7.30pm and is the Oxford Autonomous Action meeting which will focus on keeping the pressure on Reed Elsevier over their ownership of the notorious arms fair of.

The second, at 8.30pm, deals with the Climate Camp for Action (see which is taking place in the North of England from 26th Aug to 4th Sept and will focus on disussing, educating, empowering and taking action around the root causes of climate change. It is modelled in part on the successful Eco-Village in Stirling which happened during the G8 mobilisation.

There are a number of individuals in Oxford already interested and involved in putting it together. If you simply want to learn more or are interested in helping putting on the coolest and biggest grassroots event of the year then please come along.

Everyone is welcome to both meetings.

Please feel free to pass this on to other relevant email lists in Oxford or to anyone who may be interested.


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