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Blockade UK Nuke Factory at Aldermaston Monday 30 Jan

A-L | 26.01.2006 13:34 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Oxford

Yesterday West Berkshire Council failed to object to AWE Aldermaston's planned new laser - a facility designed to allow AWE to recreate the conditions in a nuclear explosion. This will allow the UK to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. In response Block the Builders have called a blockade of the WMD factory at Aldermaston on this Monday (30 Jan 2006).

Lock-on to Bob The Blocker!
Lock-on to Bob The Blocker!

The blockade starts at 7am on Monday 30th January. Many of us will be meeting in Newbury on Sunday evening and accomodation is available. For more info see

Bring tubes (bigger than Bobs!)

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