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manchester critical mass and bike films

fixdchik | 25.01.2006 12:10 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Liverpool

This friday is critical mass...woohooo. 6pm at central library for bike riding round the city. then we can go to eat nice food and watch bellville rendezvous (food and film only open to cm-ers!)..

Manchester Critical Mass: last friday of the month 6pm at central library. we meet at 6pm prompt to work out a route together etc.

after we ride round our city the cm will go to watch bike moooveees and eat nice vegan grub

January: Belleville Rendez-vous
February: Quicksilver
March: Breaking Away
May: The cm might go for a nice picnic after the usual city ride someplace green and leafy..

films will be followed by cm films from round the world etc. if we have time and people are up fer it.. (film and food only open to cm-ers!)

Also tryin to sort out a Manchester Bike Film Festival to take place in February or March. People from around the world are sending amazing films to be screened. Details TBC.

If you have any films you wanna show at either of these things then get in touch and we can add them on..

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A question.

26.01.2006 16:52

Will the girls from the 'It was beautiful' post be there?

John and his schoolfriends.