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Video - when is a demonstration not a demonstration?

Participants of the video activism gathering at the rampART ( real2reel ) | 24.01.2006 00:30 | SOCPA | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London

This video was one of two short films made during a video activism gathering held at the rampART social centre.

The video was filmed at parliament square as people demonstrated various things but obviously didn't demonstrate in a political way because that would be naughty too close to the heart of the nations parliament where politricks are the order of the day...

It is about 4 minutes long and was edited within two hours then shown public screening the evening after the demo. This version has been tweaked a little more.

A screening quality version will be found on and also available in DVD quality on the next Real2Reel compilation.

Note: If you are interested in making video, check out the IMC-UK-VIDEO projects page for information and links to video projects near you. You might also like to join the rampART mailing list for news of future training session taking place.

Participants of the video activism gathering at the rampART ( real2reel )


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great stuff

24.01.2006 15:40

great stuff!

demon strator


24.01.2006 17:37

cool work there! and so quick to get it together.

hate to point this out but there's a typo! it's 2006 now! and the editor at the start of the vid says "2005"


but a great vid really. cheers for it.


Now a version for your mobile phone ;-)

24.01.2006 19:33

This is a .3GP version of the video.

It is meant to work on many mobile phones with video capability.

Share it with friends (assuming it works).

share it with bluetooth

thanks for the typo report

24.01.2006 20:37

I have also managed to upload the wrong 3GP videos. I've put the demo demo one on the camp xray demo report and the camp xray video is here. But what the heck, I'm only human ;-)

will fix it before uploading elsewhere ;-)

Nice one!

25.01.2006 09:04

I finally managed to view this by first right clicking on the link to save to desktop then right clicking the file to open it with Windows Media Player, it wanted to open in Quicktime which froze. Particularly liked the sound. Only niggle, it is stretched to wide screen.



25.01.2006 17:15

yesterday i could download the vid but today i can't!

any ideas why?

demon strator

Maybe an indymedia mirror problem

25.01.2006 18:00

For future reference.. when something seems to have vanished that you have seen before. change www. for publish. so you are looking at the master copy and not the mirrors as they are often quite behind the actual site.

try this link