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Defiant demonstrators.

Doug. | 23.01.2006 10:43 | SOCPA | Repression | London

Demonstrations in Parliament Square.

Demonstrations took place in Parliament Square on Sunday, within the draconian SOCPA Exclusion Zone. Shown on video are demonstrations of Juggling, Lying Down, the Counter Balance Stretch, the Forward Roll, and Flower Arranging. One person demonstrated how to hold up a political placard, a very arm tiring exercise, and was told by police that this is perfectly OK as long as he keeps moving, which of course makes the exercise even healthier. None were arrested.



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RampART video editing..

23.01.2006 11:26

This short video formed part of a session at RampART during the weekend. A much better version was in the process of being edited when I left. It is a pity that Indymedia doesn't do .m4v because this is a very clear and handy format, which allows people to show their videos to others on their iPods, as well as play them on most computers.


Final cut

24.01.2006 02:28

with music

uploading .m4v

24.01.2006 17:17

I am adding support for these new mobile formats now but if you rename .m4v to .mp4 or perhaps even .mpg then it will upload correctly and should play back as intended.