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Whalers use Public Relations to twist the truth

Takver | 18.01.2006 21:37 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Ocean Defence | World

Japanese whalers have hired a New Zealand Public Relations firm to smear anti-whaling protestors. Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are both campaigning seperately against the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Images used in a media release by the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) "is deliberate, manipulative, misinformation designed to feed the idea that the two groups work together" said Jon Sumby. [Full Story]

Off the Mawson coast in the Australian Antarctic Territory, 2000 nautical miles south-west of Perth, Canadian Greenpeace anti-whaling activist, Texas Joe Constantine, was dragged overboard into the freezing Antarctic waters after the whaling harpoon was fired over his inflatable and the harpoon rope became entangled in the craft.

Paul Watson for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has said the Japanese whaling fleet is a criminal operation and Intends to Ram and Disable Pirate Whalers but has offered to withdraw from the current campaign against the Japanese whaling fleet if either the Australian or New Zealand Government agrees to take Japan to court over the whaling issue. In New Zealand Maritime workers have blackbaned the whaling fleet.

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Denmark profits from whale meat

28.01.2006 14:50

Nissui and Sealord in Europe

Nissui is operator of the whale factoring ship that plunders Antarctica.

JP Klausen and Co A/S is distributor for both companies in Europe.

Sealord, a New Zealand-based fishing company, is 50% owned by Nissui. Sealord sells to seafood distributors all over the world, and we'll be targetting products that whalers profit from wherever they're sold. You can send a message to Sealord now.

JP Klausen and Co A/S, our marketing representative for the United Kingdom and Northern and Eastern Europe, is one of the largest seafood suppliers in Europe with a very wide product range. Contact JP Klausen

Situated in Denmark - the staff at J.P. Klausen speak several languages and communicate on a daily basis with customers and suppliers from around the world.

Please contact any of the following staff:

Jens Peter Klausen
Managing Director
J.P. Klausen & Co. A/S
0stre Havnevej 16
5700 Svendborg
Ph.: +45 6222 2843
Fax: +45 6222 8632

Henrik Georgsen
Key Account Manager

Jesper Petersen
Sales Manager

Kristian Lauge Jørgensen

Lisa Fischer von Lillienskiold

Gitte Cohn

Helle Ryg

Kirsten Linnebjerg

Tommy Schneider
General Manager UK

J.P.Klausen CO. A/S UK.
4A Thames Street
Louth, Lincolnshire
LN11 7AD
Tlf: +44 (0) 1507600757
Fax: +44 (0) 1507600737
Mobil: +44 (0) 7766166118

J.P.Klausen & Co. A/S was established in 1990 by Jens Peter Klausen.

After a few years a sales office was established in Denmark, Europe, which has been the registered head office from 1993.

Today seafood products are sourced from around the world and delivered to an expanding customer base from the Middle East, across EU to markets in Central and East Europe.

Tore Hamre
Sales manager

Egholm & Hamre Seafood
PO. Box 64
3810 Gvarv I Telemark
TLF: +47 35956440
FAX: +47 35956439

Per Kristian Egholm

Jerzy Maslowski
J.P.Klausen - office in Poland
Pl. Matki Teresy z Kalkuty 6
71-622 Szczecin
Tel/Fax + 48 91 812 72 24

Pawel Zajac

Jakub Maslowski

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God forbid!

18.01.2006 22:17

God forbid, greenpeace and sea shepard work together? What an awful slur!!

I bet greenpeace layers and PR consultants were furious at such libelous ideas.

Of course it's ridiculous and few who know anything about greenpeace's history would believe such an idea for a second.

However, why does it need an indymedia feature to do greenpeace PR work for them? Thought indymedia was about non-hierachical groups - you know, grassroot blaa blaa blaa

While it would be great if we could unit against our enemies, if greenpeace has to be so quick to refute claims that it might actually work cooperatively with another group (and this isn't the first time by any means), perhaps we shouldn't go out of our way to promote them.

we'll never win

Really badly written article - especial for a feature

19.01.2006 00:54

The first paragraph makes no mention of the accusation of ramming which is the significant bit of the story, or at least the story the feature seems to be trying to make. The first paragraph quotes some random unknown person as his name should mean something to us. It's a strange story, suggesting that it would look bad for sea shepherd to be associated with attempts to ram a whaling ship when thats exactly what they say they are going to do if they get a chance! Could somebody rewrite the feature so that it makes more sense?


feature article discussions

19.01.2006 04:53

All feature proposals, including this one, are first proposed to imc-uk-features. Discussion, including changes and or amendments and or just plain not-posting are all possible. After 24 hours, taking into consideration these thoughts, articles may be posted. If you think that imc-uk-features team is not doing a good job, then you are more than welcome to become involved - simply go to the list address above and sign up!

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Walmart Selling Whale Meat In Japanese Outlets

22.01.2006 19:51

Walmart has been selling Japanese whale meat in its Japanese outlets.

When Japanese businesses feel the heat of boycott, whaling by Japan will stop.
Iceland, the US, and Norway are also involved in whaling, the US killing whales
through the Inuit, through pollution and through naval sonar.

Japanese embassy (this is a Washington based embassy list..
don't have London embassy address)

Animal Rights Coalition
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