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Gordon Brown Set to Steal Mayday

jv | 16.01.2006 12:24 | Mayday 2006 | Analysis | Workers' Movements

Gordon Brown is set to steal Mayday from the people of Britain by announcing it as a new day to celebrate nationalism according to the Sunday Mirror.

Labour sources point to July 4th in the US (when the Americans celebrate kicking out the British) and Bastille Day in France (a celebration of the overthrow of the ruling class). Labour MP Michael Wills told Radio 4 'Most countries have a national day - and it's time we did.'

Dimwit labour MP's may have failed to realise that a large percentage of National days across the world celebrate the end of British colonial rule and the beginnings of independence from this great nation steeped as it is in bloodshed, genocide, murder and occupation. The list includes Australia (Jan 1st), The Bahamas (July 10th), Barbados (Nov 30th), Botswana (30th Sept), Canada (July 1st), Cyprus (Oct 1st), The Gambia (Feb 18th), Ghana (March 6th), Guyana (Feb 23rd)...

... and India (Jan 26), Kenya (Dec 12th), Malaysia (Aug 31st), Myanmar (24th Nov), Nigeria (Oct 1st), Seychelles (June 18th - good one), Sri Lanka (Feb 4th) ... nearly there ... Trinidad and Tobago (Aug 31st), Tonga (June 4th) and of course the US (July 4th).

Unlike these countries the British have never managed to throw off the parasites who run the show (unless you count |Cromwell's flawed efforts). The unofficial national day, St George's day is rightly largely ignored except by far right fetishists and confused old ladies.

Those in gainful employment will have also noticed the stitch up, sussing that as Mayday's already a bank holiday this move does not mean an extra day off a year as first intimated.

Which was the only reason anyone thought it was a good idea, let's face it.

Mayday has always had as special importance for those on the mainstream left as well as those of a more radical persuasion. Traditionally a day of feasting and merriment it became synonymous with the worker's movement when in 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day's work from and after May 1, 1886. This was during a general strike and the association was further strengthened with the execution of the anarchist Haymarket Martyrs shortly after the demonstrations held during the strike.

This has led to Mayday traditionally being a day of demonstrations the world over. For the commies this means a trot (sorry) down Whitehall to a rally in Trafalgar Square, however the rest of us have found far more interesting ways to spend the day.

With anarcho's, trots and god knows how many cops on the street already, now Brown wants to chuck the right into the mix as well. Talk about upping the ante.

I predict a riot. Or if not, one of the biggest scraps with the BNP ... ever.

Still, with the number of Mayday protesters dwindling to alarming levels in the last couple of ways could this bring the reinvigoration that Mayday so badly needs.

See you in a police pen somewhere May 1st 2006.

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