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Campaign against Crossrail hole Bill attracts community support

London Community Audit Network 2006 | 15.01.2006 10:33 | Analysis | Social Struggles | London | World

Community meeting in Brick Lane London E1 held on Saturday 14 January 2006 to support KHOODEELAAR campaign against the Crossraol hole Bill during the scheduled sitting of the Select Committee starting this coming week

New voices against the Crossrail hole Bill have been added to the Khoodeelaar campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill. This was shown at a meeting held in the Brick Lane London E1 Area on Saturday 14 January 2006.

Campaign activist Kay Jordan said that the realisation has dawned on more people of the utter destruction that the Crossrail hole Bill will cause to the area.

Hanbury Street shop owner Turan Miah said that more and more people are now talking about the Crossrail hole attack.

Others speaking at the meeting said that for the past few years they have
been misled pwer Hamlets Council. 'Now we have seen the extent of their lies to the community. We are ready to fight the Crossrail hole Bill attacks on our community' said the manager of a cafe in the Hanbury Street at the meeting.

London Community Audit Network 2006
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  1. Brilliant! — the middle finger
  2. Opposing crass hole plan is not the same as opting for motor cars — Inner City Dweller